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TD SYNNEX Offers an all-Inclusive Service for Partners with OpenMPS  

Konrad Seebauer, VP Operations DACH & Endpoint Solutions for TD SYNNEX Deutschland
Konrad Seebauer, VP Operations DACH & Endpoint Solutions for TD SYNNEX Deutschland

TD SYNNEX OpenMPS is a cost-effective intelligent solution for sales partners to manage existing and new printers of their customers. The printer fleet management solution is characterised by high efficiency and transparency as well as lean processes.

Depending on the industry, the costs a company generates in the printer area still account for a not insignificant portion of the annual operating costs. For this reason, the company's internal IT is now more than ever called upon to identify potential savings and optimise processes. What was needed was an automated and cost-effective solution that would do just that and at the same time provide the channel with a great deal of transparency.

OpenMPS is TD SYNNEX's new managed print service that monitors printers, reads consumable levels and calculates in advance when consumables will run out. With this dedicated platform, channel partners can conveniently and easily manage their customer's printer fleet - whether existing or added with new printers - and build and grow their consumables business without risk.

Konrad Seebauer, VP Operations DACH & Endpoint Solutions for TD SYNNEX Deutschland, comments: "for me, the OpenMPS platform is characterised by its high flexibility and vendor-independent printer fleet management. Our channel partners benefit from the fact that they can offer their customers a simple but scalable service, thus strengthening their own customer loyalty and expanding their profits with regular revenues. And they can do this without incurring any development or infrastructure costs, without minimum vendor program commitments, and without incurring any additional inventory or order management costs."

Once a company's printers are integrated into OpenMPS, the program monitors the printer fleet in a fully automated manner, assesses toner and ink fill levels, and triggers a delivery of the required consumables directly to the end customer's printer when minimum fill levels are defined. The end customer's sales partner receives a consumption report containing precise details of the shipment and the invoice.

In order to meet security requirements in this regard, OpenMPS uses a special and secure industry-standard data transmission protocol. The protocol (XMPP) is specifically designed for real-time data communication and transmits encrypted XML information securely over SSL. Thanks to the significantly increased security, OpenMPS can be used without problems even in environments with high IT security standards.

"The solution enables the channel to deliver a significantly higher quality service at a much lower cost of ownership by automating processes and ordering - reducing previous inventory to zero and eliminating waste", adds Seebauer. "Our channel partners can use this service to establish themselves as Specialised MPS resellers for specific manufacturers. In addition, with Advanced OpenMPS we offer extremely interesting functions such as individual branding of the portal, customised reporting, meter reading and much more."

The only requirement for using OpenMPS is the download of the Data Collector Agent (DCA), which TD SYNNEX provides in various software versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.



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