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TD SYNNEX Expands its Robotic Process Automation portfolio with AmdoSoft  

Maximilian Wieser, Business Unit Manager Enterprise Software and Data & IoT at TD SYNNEX DACH
Maximilian Wieser, Business Unit Manager Enterprise Software and Data & IoT at TD SYNNEX DACH

Broadliner TD SYNNEX Deutschland is meeting the high demand for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions with the addition of Munich-based manufacturer AmdoSoft Systems GmbH. The portfolio is now available to TD SYNNEX sales partners in Germany.

The great interest in flexible RPA solutions confirms the trend that has emerged in recent years: Automation software is increasingly in demand. In order to meet this increased interest, TD SYNNEX has signed a distribution agreement with AmdoSoft Systems GmbH to make their b4 bot solutions available to potential customers.

Maximilian Wieser, Business Unit Manager Enterprise Software and Data & IoT at TD SYNNEX DACH, announces: "we are noticing a significant increase in demand for flexible solutions for Robotic Process Automation and Synthetic Monitoring. For me, AmdoSoft's b4 Bot is a very flexible solution in the areas of automation and data analytics, and I am very pleased to be able to make it available to our sales partners from now on. We support our partners in the recruitment, onboarding and management of the solutions. In the medium term, the implementation at the end customer and the training of the employees will also be carried out by us or our partners."

The automation of business processes and the analysis of business data are becoming increasingly important in companies. Accordingly, decision-makers are looking for convenient and flexible solutions to meet these tasks in the long term. "At the moment, solutions for RPA and synthetic monitoring are being sought everywhere. But only a few providers are as convincing and, above all, as flexible as AmdoSoft", adds Wieser. "We therefore see AmdoSoft as an important building block in our portfolio, in order to be able to fully satisfy not only our customers with it, but also their end customers."

Especially customers from logistics and industrial manufacturing, but also from the HR and health sectors, have recognised the value of robot-supported automation processes and are looking for efficient solutions for their business processes.

Another trendy topic plays an important role in the cooperation between TD SYNNEX and AmdoSoft: Synthetic Monitoring, i.e. the automated checking of websites, servers or web services in terms of performance optimisation. While RPA is primarily important for the specialist departments, synthetic monitoring plays a more important role for the company's internal IT. With the help of solutions such as the b4 Bot, data centres and infrastructures can be efficiently checked and thus prevent performance losses or mitigate their effects.

Mario Griffith, Managing Director of AmdoSoft Systems GmbH, says: "a big advantage of our b4 is that it can do both - classic RPA and synthetic monitoring in the sense of continuous end-to-end monitoring of critical processes and services. Whether RPA, synthetic monitoring or more advanced functions with AI or machine learning - with the b4 bot, we can help many companies to drive their automation forward and remain fit for the future. With TD SYNNEX, we have found a strong partner who will help to make the b4 Bot known throughout the country. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial collaboration."


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