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Ingram Micro Launches Xvantage in the US and Germany

Ingram Micro CEO Paul Bay
Ingram Micro CEO Paul Bay

Celebrating “Day One” of Ingram Micro Xvantage, broadliner Ingram Micro announces the on-time arrival of its digital experience platform ecosystem in two of its largest countries – the United States and Germany – and confirms the global “go live” plan for rest of world is early 2023.

Ingram Micro’s leadership team shared the news today during its in-person LATAM ONE event in Orlando, Florida. Attending channel partners and providers viewed the platform in action and learned preliminary rollout of Xvantage is underway in Latin America.

Ingram Micro Xvantage delivers a frictionless experience never before seen in technology distribution and accelerates the time to value for everyone—starting with our team, extending to our partners, their customers, our vendors and the tech ecosystem worldwide”, says Ingram Micro CEO Paul Bay. “Xvantage is a game changer, solving for the complexity across our industry and providing a smarter, faster, better and more collaborative and profitable way for all of us to work and grow together.

Ideated in Q2 2021, Ingram Micro Xvantage was introduced to the marketplace 15 months later. The Xvantage digital experience platform is powered by a global real time data mesh containing many years of operating and transactions data, as well as by several proprietary engines which are enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace is also integrated into Xvantage, allowing cloud solutions to be easily incorporated into solutions containing technology hardware, software, and professional services. The platform’s intelligent and customized user interface, combined with Ingram Micro’s world class, personal touch, elevates and differentiates Ingram Micro Xvantage’s learning, partnering, and buying experience for everyone engaged.

Ingram Micro Defines Plan for Xvantage

Ingram Micro plans to go live with Xvantage for associates and partners in several additional countries by the end of 2022 and introduce the digital experience platform to Ingram Micro’s vendors in early 2023. Functions such as credit increases, order tracking, order management and purchases will also be seamless and available from the Xvantage platform.

As the business behind the brand of today’s emerging and established technology partners and providers, Ingram Micro is simplifying the way we all need to work and enabling a new, and better experience grounded in value capture and value creation”, says Sanjib Sahoo, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Ingram Micro. “Xvantage is built for the infinite business model. As an industry, we must focus more energy on the art of possible. I am super proud of the work we have done and will continue to do around our new Xvantage platform. Together we are taking the complexity out of this industry and bringing consumerization to IT distribution!

With Xvantage, Ingram Micro is solving for the complexity across the IT Channel—applying the functionality of the B2C experience to the B2B technology industry—and making it easier and more effective to consume and build on the business value distribution offers”, says Jeff Newton, Research Director, Infrastructure Channels & Ecosystems, IDC, who has been following the digitization of Ingram Micro since Sahoo’s appointment. “It’s an important takeaway for the industry to see the prioritization Ingram Micro continues to place on the human aspect of the digital journey. When it comes to disruptive innovation, we must keep people, not just platform top of mind.

Xvantage allows Ingram Micro and KME to spend more time assisting our end users by making mundane tasks faster and easier. It demonstrates the ongoing commitment from Ingram Micro to improving process and efficiency”, said Mark Essayian, president of KME Systems Inc.

Xvantage allows us to capture those opportunities we haven't traditionally captured. So, for an MSP, we'll see more revenue faster. Using Xvantage, collectively we can move faster, deliver a better experience with less cost throughout the channel, which means we've got happier customers, happier MSPs and certainly a happier Ingram Micro. It's a game changer”, added Bruce Lach, president of Success Computer Consultancy..

Ingram Micro’s Xvantage offers a fantastic UI/UX. Very innovative because I can see all my relevant information on one dashboard. That’s really unique”, completed Jomin John, Managing Director of J&T Vertrieb.

Ingram Micro Xvantage is very intuitive. Logged in and immediately placed my first order”, concluded Stefan Friedel, Managing Director of Friedel Computerservice.


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