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Westcon France Adds Okta Solution to its Distribution Portfolio

Daniel Hurel, VP Westcon Cyber Security & Next Gen Solutions, EMEA
Daniel Hurel, VP Westcon Cyber Security & Next Gen Solutions, EMEA

Infrastructure VAD Westcon-Comstor has formally signed a distribution agreement with Okta, the leading independent identity provider.

The addition of Okta's platform to Westcon's next generation solutions strengthens its Zero Trust security proposition with one of the leading identity security providers. Okta's Zero Trust approach gives Westcon partners an important tool in the fight against attackers as businesses look to move away from perimeter security practices.

"Identity-based attacks can be difficult for organisations to detect and prevent, as they focus on exploiting the behaviour and credentials of employees, who may not be well trained to spot cybersecurity threats", says Daniel Hurel, VP Westcon Cyber Security & Next Gen Solutions, EMEA. "Okta's identity-based security solution removes this complexity for network administrators by integrating seamless solutions, such as multi-factor authentication. By integrating this service into Westcon-Comstor's security portfolio, our partners have the tools they need to reduce attacks on their customers' employees and, most importantly, limit any disruption to the user experience."

Okta's identity-first approach to Zero Trust security ensures that the right people have the right level of access to the right resources. This is achieved through a range of tools, including authentication and monitoring software, which can be easily integrated with other Zero Trust solutions. Access granted is continually reviewed and updated without disruption to users, ensuring a frictionless and secure experience.

The Zero Trust approach has become an essential strategy for securing corporate networks. Identity is at the heart of this approach, because businesses need to have constant visibility of the users and devices connected to their network. The move towards a fully distributed and remote workforce means securing countless devices, used from an infinite number of locations. With 47% of organisations planning to maintain full-time remote working and identity-based cyber attacks becoming one of the top threats, Zero Trust security solutions are a vital addition to any organisation's security stack.

"Okta solutions are a perfect fit with our Next Gen solutions portfolio. We can combine Okta with technologies such as Zscaler, Crowdstrike and Vectra that we already have in our catalogue for a complete Zero Trust approach", explains Magalie Vintousky, Product Director at Westcon France. "Integrated into Westcon 3D Lab, our multi-vendor, multi-solution virtual demonstration labs, Okta solutions can be rapidly tested and approved."


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