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Tosibox Goes Nordic with Exertis

Johan Rosdahl, Commercial Manager for Exertis Security
Johan Rosdahl, Commercial Manager for Exertis Security

Broadliner Exertis has inked a pan-nordic distribution deal with cyber-security vendor Tosibox.

The distributor can now offer through its offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden the Tosibox network platform, a communication platform that makes it possible to use software and hardware to set up cybersecure tunnels (VPN) over the Internet in a matter of minutes. This can be easily scaled up for communication with 1000s of users and installations worldwide, between IT solutions and applications in Security and Pro AV.

"We have other products in our range that also have a VPN solution, but where high expertise is required to create the same function. We therefore see that Tosibox will bring a wider customer group where we can fulfil requests for a flexible and lightweight product for secure VPN solutions", says Johan Rosdahl, Commercial Manager for Exertis Security.

Tosibox delivered the first devices from its headquarters in Oulu, Finland in 2012, quickly expanded abroad and today has three subsidiaries in Germany, Scandinavia and the USA. Now, Tosibox is growing globally and in order to reach more customer segments and customers in the Nordic markets, they sought a leading partner from the region, where Exertis Nordics was the natural choice.

"What struck us upon contact with Exertis Nordics was the company culture we encountered and the professional attitude everyone shows combined with a strong drive. With those conditions, we cannot fail and we look forward to a joint growth journey", says Roger Vestin, Sales Manager for Tosibox.

Tosibox offers a simple but secure solution for accessing security systems and computers via VPN.

Tosibox is actually quite unique, as the product is a Plug n' Play VPN solution that can be set up in 5 minutes, without any prior knowledge. Our sales people have the know-how to help our partners build a critical infrastructure with the Tosibox platform - designed for operational technology.


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