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SYNAXON Brings UK Partners Together to Help Them Unleash their Potential

Mike Barron, SYNAXON UK’s Managing Director
Mike Barron, SYNAXON UK’s Managing Director

SYNAXON has hailed the success of its recent UK regional community event, which brought a group of its most active MSPs, resellers and suppliers together to help channel partners unleash their potential. Around 40 attendees came together to hear about the latest offerings from leading supplier partners, Barracuda, Pax8 and OpenText, discuss market dynamics and share best practices.

SYNAXON partners from as far afield as Edinburgh attended the event, held at Molineux, the home of Premier League football club, Wolverhampton Wanderers. As well as hearing SYNAXON’s plans to further develop its key offerings – SYNAXON Hub, SYNAXON Managed Services and the EGIS e-procurement platform, partners took part in a series of round-table discussions. Subjects covered included an exploration of the potential of extended detection and response (XDR) solutions and services, how to add value with cybersecurity, and the challenges of managing a growing portfolio of cloud customers.

Mike Barron, SYNAXON UK’s Managing Director, stated: “it was great to bring some of the key members of the SYNAXON UK community together to share their current ideas and experiences. SYNAXON is all about helping partners find new ways to develop and grow, and everyone benefits from these gatherings in different ways.

Getting together with similar businesses and exchanging views is invaluable and we are grateful to SYNAXON for giving us that chance”, said Tom Morton, Managing Director of services and support specialist, 127 Solutions. “It’s important to get different perspectives and explore new avenues of potential, and that’s exactly what we were able to do at the SYNAXON regional meeting.

Partners that are new to the SYNAXON community also attended. Karl Bellingham, co-founder of IT service provider, 2LOGIC, said: “the SYNAXON event was invaluable. We learnt so much from listening to the speakers and the round-tables, and the networking opportunities gave us a real insight into other similar businesses who share the same challenges. We came away educated and with plenty that we can adopt in our own business. I wasn't really sure what SYNAXON did prior to the event, we are now signed up and benefiting from their services.

It was also productive from a supplier perspective, said Michael Breeze, Senior Director of Channel at Pax8. “It’s always useful to hear from members of the solution provider community and discuss different ways in which we might be able to work together to take their business forward. We look forward to being at the next SYNAXON community meeting.

As well as being ideally located, SYNAXON chose Molineux as the venue for the event due to the club’s strong sustainability focus and “Meetings for change” approach – which forms part of its promise to be carbon zero by 2027.

SYNAXON is planning to select another distinctive and attractive setting for its next UK partner event, said Mike Barron. “We have a growing community of partners and suppliers, and this event showed how important it is to bring them together. While it’s good to talk, it’s also good to listen and get up to date on the many different and rapidly changing aspects of our industry. We hope to find another exciting and sustainable venue for our next gathering.



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