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QBS Software and FileWave Looking to Empower IT Admins Across Europe Together

Marcus Denner, Managing Director Europe at QBS
Marcus Denner, Managing Director Europe at QBS

Software VAD QBS Software has added FileWave to its software portfolio. FileWave, a pioneering leader in multi-platform endpoint management, aims to enable IT staff worldwide to manage their devices efficiently, remotely and without getting bogged down in repetitive tasks.

"Our portfolio includes several household names across digital collaboration and workplace solutions. FileWave is a great addition to our offerings as a state-of-the-art endpoint management solution”, said Marcus Denner, Managing Director Europe at QBS.

On top of software deployment, patch management and real-time asset tracking, FileWave’s cutting edge FileSet technology allows for device management on a granular level, making it one of the most efficient tools out there.

Together, QBS and FileWave are confident that they will empower organizations by enhancing their IT governance and simplifying device management.

At the end of the day, for IT Administrators it is all about saving time. We are thrilled to have found a vendor that is aware of that and takes efficiency and productivity to the next level”, said Marcus Denner.

We are excited and grateful for this opportunity to be listed with a such an established and experienced distributor and expand our presence in the European market”, added Jon Scanlan, FileWave’s Director of Sales in EMEA. “We at FileWave don’t just strive to make our product the best it can be. We also really want to be there for our customers. Be it through our support, our training opportunities or through listening to product requests from our users. QBS with their presence in 8 locations all over Europe and their commitment to drive digital transformation, is the ideal partner for us. We are looking forward to bringing our shared vision to life.

FileWave products are available through QBS Software offices in France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


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