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QBS Launches Orchestra

Dave Stevinson, Group CEO of QBS
Dave Stevinson, Group CEO of QBS

British software specialist QBS Software has launched, in partnership with global software investor Insight Partners, Orchestra, a modern approach to IT channel sales that will deliver instant and long-term results for both our vendors and our network of customer partners.

Orchestra was created to deliver fast-growth sales opportunities for our vendors and partners, energised by QBS’s unparalleled industry expertise and enabled by a full suite of technical, sales and marketing support. Orchestra will leverage the QBS Software Delivery Platform, and will provide a dedicated, consultative, proactive approach to sales. Orchestra will only team with ‘the best of the best’ hand-picked hypergrowth vendors that have a deep channel commitment. QBS is continuing to invest in Orchestra to enhance and build-out the model and grow the channel.

QBS Technology Group’s large and growing European footprint means that the creation and launch of Orchestra provides a strategic offering across Europe - for modern enterprise technology vendors who want to get into the market and/or enhance their footprint. This can be via a modern sales and channel management as-a-service model or the traditional two-tier model -- appealing to venture capital and private equity firms with a portfolio of vendors at various stages of maturity and often with aspiring international GTM (go-to-market) requirements”, comments Dave Stevinson, Group CEO of QBS. “QBS is continuing to invest heavily to build out and enhance the Orchestra model. This includes technology from myriad software companies, writing our own code to create a robust and agile platform, and recruiting the right people from both inside and outside QBS. This move solidifies QBS’ position as the undisputed software delivery platform for emerging software vendors wanting to internationalise -- particularly in Europe.

As the IT market, businesses and society itself continue to evolve and expand, choosing exactly the right next generation hypergrowth vendors, with the right pedigree and expertise is a challenge for partners. QBS and Insight Partners recognized it made sense to have an international team behind a carefully selected portfolio of proven hypergrowth vendors seeking to build a partner community across Europe starting in Germany and the United Kingdom. As a leading global software firm that finds and teams with the best enterprise-ready software companies, a partnership between Insight Partners and Orchestra was a perfect fit.

The technology market is changing at breath-taking speed with new models of delivery and consumption, at boundless scale and with global reach. It can be difficult to keep up in this increasingly data-driven world and the modern channel needs a new approach to sales, marketing, and execution to reach customers and influence the buyer’s journey. Orchestra is that model. We look forward to partnering with Dave and the rest of the QBS team on this exciting journey”, says Thomas Krane, Managing Director of Insight Partners.

The first Orchestra vendors, are a mix of cybersecurity, devops and Microsoft365 management companies, including:

  • Keeper Security (zero trust privilege access management)

  • Automox (patch, deploy, configure on any operating system)

  • DNS Filter (AI optimised DNS filtering)

  • Octopus Deploy (reliable, repeatable, traceable deployments)

  • CoreView (Microsoft365 management tool)

All of the initial companies have enjoyed success with direct sales in the US and are moving to a channel-first model with compelling partner benefits in Europe. The vendors now need a strong channel to support their international growth, enablement, implementation, and consumption objectives and strategies – starting with Germany and the United Kingdom.

Partners and investors alike aim to place bets on the right technologies and see that vision through, supporting appropriate adoption across the market. Now, Insight Partners and QBS can augment their combined competences to build out the partner network.

Orchestra’s engage, energise and empower strategy is structured to push qualified leads through to an exclusive group of partners -- but our big differentiator is leveraging the heritage of QBS Software. The experience and in-depth channel knowledge of the QBS Group means both partners and customers can connect to the right people for unparalleled sales execution”, says Josh Nicholls, Director of Orchestra. “Additionally, we are looking for the right fit of partner managers, account managers and business leaders who want to join us on this exciting journey.


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