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PULSA Add Printronix to its Portfolio

Ralf Möller, CEO of PULSA
Ralf Möller, CEO of PULSA

German PoS and AutoID specialist PULSA has recently added Printronix label printers to its portfolio.

Printronix has been a manufacturer of printers for the industrial sector for over 40 years and has therefore been able to gain a lot of experience. This knowledge is used to always keep the printers up to date and to always have the right solution for every customer need. The company aims to become a global, leading printer manufacturer that can consistently provide reliable and efficient service. In 2016, Printronix was acquired by TSC, forming an even stronger brand. TSC already has good connections in the USA and Europe, which means that Printronix, which had previously been active in the Asian market, now also has better access to these markets.

PULSA has therefore also decided to include Printronix products in its range.

  • T800 – Enterprise-level desktop label printer : the T800 is a reliable and powerful label printer with a material width of 112mm and a resolution of 203dpi. With a printing speed of up to 355mm per second, it has enormous speed. The T800 is the first Auto-ID desktop printer to be equipped with the Printronix System Architecture (PSA), providing real-time support for printing processes by, for example, displaying the exact number of labels printed.

  • T4000 – Entry-level thermal barcode printer : the T4000 is a compact industrial label printer. Despite its comparatively low weight and cost-effective price, the printer is capable of printing at a speed of 254mm per second and can print up to 5000 labels per day on average.

  • T6000e – Enterprise industrial printer with remarkable speed and quality : the versatility of the printer allows the T6000e to be used almost anywhere. It can print up to 10,000 labels a day at a print speed of up to 355mm per second and has a maximum resolution of 600dpi. This makes the label printer suitable for both enormous quality and quantity.

  • T8000 – Versatile high-end label printer : the T8000 is a reliable choice for any business. With a print width of up to 112mm and a resolution of 203 or 300dpi, it offers effective features for everyday use and proves to be a leading high-end thermal printer.

"All printers have Ethernet, USB and RS232 interfaces and optionally also WLAN or features such as cutters, drip trays and rewinders. Printronix label printers are reliable and powerful devices with many possible applications", says Ralf Möller, CEO of PULSA.


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