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Launch of SYNAXON Managed Workplace Provides Partners and Customers with Easy Rental Service

Mike Barron, Managing Director of SYNAXON UK
Mike Barron, Managing Director of SYNAXON UK

SYNAXON has launched a new service in the UK that enables partners and their end-user customers to rent hardware then combine it with software and managed services, without needing to make any upfront investment.

With Managed Workplace, partners and their customers benefit from access to excellent availability on a wide range of products. These can be combined with SYNAXON Managed Services to ensure all customer needs are met. Every Managed Workplace configuration can be rented for a 36-month term and is tailored to that customer’s particular requirements. An extensive selection of top-selling notebooks, workstations and all-in-one PCs, along with various accessories, are available via SYNAXON Hub, and can be included in the rental agreement.

Providing a simple and effective rental option enables partners to focus on developing closer relationships with their customers”, said Miguel Rodriguez, Managing Director of SYNAXON Hub. “SYNAXON Managed Workplace is a great way for partners to move away from having to compete on price and concentrate on meeting the needs of their customers. They can thereby offer a genuine and risk-free alternative to one-off purchases. By adding SYNAXON Managed Services into the mix, or their own services and support, they add additional value, get even closer to the customer, and build the long-term relationships that will bring stability and profitability to their business.

Mike Barron, Managing Director of SYNAXON UK, added: “Managed Workplace is simple, secure, and worry-free for both partners and their end-user customers. It’s ideally suited to the way that businesses now want to consume IT solutions and services, namely via subscription. For end-users it means zero upfront investment or long-term commitment - and they can also take full advantage of the managed services options that SYNAXON and its partners provide. It’s a fantastic opportunity for SYNAXON partners in the UK to gain a competitive edge and drive their sales.

Managed Workplace options can be quoted directly in EGIS – SYNAXON’s online procurement platform. Alongside each available product, a ‘Rent this device’ button leads partners directly to the Managed Workplace configurator. Additional options, such as Managed Office, Managed Backup, Managed Endpoint Security and Monitoring & Management, can also be added at this stage. From here, partners can calculate the monthly subscription cost and, once the customer has agreed to go ahead, process the contract, all in just a few clicks. Partners with no EGIS access can request an overview of rental devices available, get a quote and place a Managed Workplace order via email.



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