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Exertis Enterprise Adds NGX Storage to Portfolio

Jason Daly, Technology Specialist at Exertis Enterprise
Jason Daly, Technology Specialist at Exertis Enterprise

NGX Storage is the latest vendor to be added to Exertis Enterprise’s portfolio, bringing a unified storage space offering of up to 20 petabytes under a single namespace, to businesses throughout the EMEA region.

NGX eliminates the need for multiple systems for different workloads. With NGX, the same system can be used for multiple protocols – block, file and object – as well as across a wide range of performance requirements. These include demanding transactional workloads that are extremely performance-sensitive, to archival applications that are highly sensitive to density and cost.

For businesses, NGX’s predictive analytics capabilities protect protocols from crashes and other issues through continuous automatic inspections for system errors. NGX Support Portal uses AI/ML to provide insights, guidance, and actions, so businesses can easily improve system availability, security, and performance.

Beyhan Çalışkan, Founder and CEO at NGX Storage, said: "Exertis has a great track record of storage solutions sales and delivery. Partnering with Exertis will allow us to reach the large distribution network of Exertis, and present our next generation technologies to its customer base. Our collaboration will push the digital transformation boundaries with NGX Storage's scalable, flexible and high-performance solutions to meet the challenging business requirements of enterprises."

Jason Daly, Technology Specialist at Exertis Enterprise, said: “leveraging NGX’s unique software technology allows Exertis Enterprise to bring new levels of innovation and value to the enterprise storage market. Featuring industry-leading hardware technology, NGX Storage offers customers extreme performance and scalability during this time of unprecedented growth, whilst allowing customers to reduce administration overhead and future-proof their data management strategy.

NGX Storage solutions are available to the channel through Exertis Enterprise offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


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