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Exertis Cybersecurity Team Unveiled; Expands Offering across Europe

Dominic Ryles, Director of Sales and Commercial at Exertis Cybersecurity
Dominic Ryles, Director of Sales and Commercial at Exertis Cybersecurity

Broadliner Exertis has launched Exertis Cybersecurity throughout its European offices. Security always has been part of Exertis’ portfolio, and the division was bolstered further when Exertis Enterprise (previously Hammer) was acquired.

The business unit continues to go from strength to strength and has recently seen an influx of new vendor signings including eSentire, Progress, Scylla, Seceon and Veeam. The team was also recently named 2023 Distributor of the Year and Authorised Training Partner of the Year (EMEA) by SonicWall, while Angela Stephens, Account Manager, Exertis Enterprise, won SonicWall’s Sales Hero of the Year.

The re-name of the UK Cybersecurity business unit highlights the appetite and capability for the team to retain, and build upon, its position at the forefront of distributors in the security space and cements the focus of the team (predominantly Stoke office) on the thriving security element of Exertis’ portfolio offering.

The European locations that will be offering Cybersecurity solutions are Belgium for Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden for the Nordics. All offices have had, and will continue to have, in-person training from the UK Security Directors and Managers.

Dominic Ryles, Director of Sales and Commercial at Exertis Cybersecurity, said: “we’re delighted to be rolling out our cybersecurity solution stack across our European offices. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our European colleagues, partners and customers.

Matthew Swindail, Commercial Manager at Exertis Cybersecurity, said: “it’s been a pleasure to visit our European colleagues over the past few months; giving an insight into the cybersecurity landscape and an understanding of the solutions we have at our disposal to mitigate cyber risks for our customers.

Steve Cowley, Director of Sales – Europe at Exertis Enterprise, said: “I have witnessed the enterprise solutions market evolve so much in all the years I have been in the industry. I have seen our production team go from building terminated 68pin SCSI drives in an external enclosure to building all-flash storage arrays capable of holding multi petabytes of data, that can perform millions of IOPS across different global locations. The enterprise solution market today has evolved to dictate that a full solution stack no longer consists of simply server, storage, networking, load balancing, power protection and professional services. Our cybersecurity solutions will now compliment our fully bespoke technology stack by protecting anything from endpoint devices to firewalls, to the world’s only truly compliant zero trust architecture to XDR that monitors more in a SOC than any other vendor. Exertis Enterprise Europe has now advanced our full enterprise technology stack to become the only truly enterprise-focused distributor to also be able to provide a true enterprise cybersecurity solution.

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