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Bakotech Signs with Cato Networks

Evgen Badakh, CEO of Bakotech
Evgen Badakh, CEO of Bakotech

The portfolio of security VAD Bakotech has been enriched by a new producer, Cato Networks. The provider is a forerunner of network convergence and cloud security. Thanks to the cloud-native architecture, it allows you to quickly implement new capabilities and maintain the correct level of security without any help from IT teams.

The manufacturer's leading solution is SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), which combines SD-WAN and Security Service Edge (SSE) functions, including FWaaS, CASB, DLP, SWG and ZNTA into one cloud-based service that secures all company resources - both physical and mobile, in any location.

"In the past, access to the network was done using point solutions, but their operation was complex and costly, which hampered the flexibility of enterprises. SASE shortens the time to develop new products and bring them to market, and enables companies to respond to rapidly changing business conditions and competitive activities. The transition to remote work and the increasing use of the cloud have a large impact on the security of information and networks used by enterprises. What sets Cato and its solution apart is how flexible it is in these new conditions. SASE enables the implementation of new activities at low cost and provides all company employees with secure access to the system from anywhere in the world", said Evgen Badakh, CEO of Bakotech.

The main benefits of SASE are:

  • easy migration from MLPS to WAN thanks to comprehensive network optimization,

  • improving the efficiency of data flow from different locations around the world through a private network,

  • providing secure Internet access to all company branches and mobile users,

  • optimization and security of access to the cloud thanks to agentless Cato integration,

  • the ability to use the network anywhere without using the premium cloud.

Cato is the world's first SASE platform that combines SD-WAN and security into one global cloud. It enables enterprises to move away from expensive network solutions and move to a unified, secure cloud-based network. Its architecture allows for quick reactions in new situations such as mergers and acquisitions, global expansions, employee mobility or data migration to the cloud, while reducing costs.

SASE customers can easily connect their physical locations, cloud resources and mobile users to Cato SASE Cloud, and IT teams benefit from a unified network, managed from a single console.

The product is mainly offered to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) through CEEcloud Services Distribution (Bakotech Group).


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