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Westcon-Comstor Unveils Technology Alliance with EfficientIP and Extreme Networks

Magalie Vintousky, Product Director at Westcon France
Magalie Vintousky, Product Director at Westcon France

Infrastructure VAD Westcon-Comstor has announced through its Westcon business a new technology alliance with EfficientIP, a French DDI security and automation specialist, and Extreme Networks, a major network software solutions provider. The alliance brings together the expertise of each company to deliver an integrated network solution that improves network visibility, automation and security.

"This type of strategic partnership helps to strengthen our expertise in cybersecurity", said Magalie Vintousky, Product Director at Westcon France. "The alliance between EfficientIP and Extreme Networks addresses real-world network visibility and security needs."

The alliance between EfficientIP and Extreme Networks allows to secure DNS services and thus ensure a better visibility of the network, which is essential to guarantee a good level of security. Here are the details on how this alliance works:

Improved visibility of connected devices

ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine from Extreme Networks is a network management system that contains extensive data on connected devices via its Network Access Controller (NAC). In order to gain centralized visibility into the data of the end systems connected to the network, it is necessary to consolidate this data into one tool: IP Address Management (IPAM).

Network Access Controller, Provisioning and Network Deployment Orchestration

EfficientIP's SOLIDserver DDI solution has the ability to communicate with other systems through its API, allowing an administrator to grant certain network access to an endpoint from within EfficientIP's SOLIDserver IPAM. For example, when the DDI administrator identifies a device as a printer, this information will be shared with the NAC Extreme cloud IQ Site Engine and the device will be restricted to printer access on the network.

Disconnection of infected devices after a DNS attack

EfficientIP's DNS Guardian can detect and protect compromised endpoints by analyzing DNS traffic behavior. By sharing this information with ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine Network Access Controller, the endpoint can be quarantined in the network, preventing malicious activity from spreading to other systems.

As part of this alliance, Westcon also offers a complete EfficientIP-Extreme Networks 3D Lab integration solution. This multi-vendor integration shows how EfficientIP's IP Address Management can benefit from the metadata collected by Extreme Networks' Extreme NAC solution and how malicious devices are quarantined in an isolated network. This is achieved through the detection of malicious DNS activity by EfficientIP's DNS Guardian solution and helps to prevent threats from propagating through the network.


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