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Westcoast and Xcitium Partner up to Enhance Business Cybersecurity

Ben Vadgama, Head of Westcoast’s Cyber division
Ben Vadgama, Head of Westcoast’s Cyber division

British broadliner Westcoast has unveiled a new partnership with cybersecurity experts Xcitium. Together, the two brands will work to help deliver game-changing protection to businesses and public services in the UK and across the globe.

Xcitium, previously known as Comodo, offers leading cybersecurity tools, including the AI-enabled ZeroThreat platform. These tools work to identify and defend businesses against breaches and ransomware. ZeroThreat is a proven tool, with a zero-breach track record that provides a comfortable base for businesses to work from.

Westcoast will use its range of resources and expansive reseller network to extend the reach of Xcitium in the IT market. From Westcoast’s complete solutions bundles to marketing support and vertical expertise, Xcitium will reach new customers in new ways via Westcoast.

Together, Westcoast and Xcitium offer resellers a chance to expand their offering and diversify their portfolio, increasing their margins in the process. At the same time, the partnership will provide end customers with simpler management and better security, hopefully leading to increased overall happiness.

Speaking about the new partnership, Ben Vadgama, Head of Westcoast’s Cyber division, commented: "we are very interested in unique, market changing solutions from cybersecurity vendors that who don’t accept the status quo of legacy cybersecurity. Xcitium isolates the attacker’s execution path, so a threat is prevented from harming any endpoint. ZeroThreat platform offers customers compelling differentiation to move away from ineffective detection-first solutions with patented breach prevention technology helping their clients neutralise ransomware, malware, and cyber-attacks. We chose to partner with Xcitium because of their strong channel commitment, their willingness to cooperate and be flexible, and their strong belief that our value-added distribution proposition is a benefit to the entire channel and our customers."

Adding their thoughts Ezra Correa, VP Global Alliances, at Xcitium said: “over 450,000+ unknowns and files are released by threat actors every single day and companies around the world in all industries are clamouring for solutions to fend off these breaches. However, other endpoint security providers only offer solutions that detect a threat once it has attacked a system. Xcitium Zero Dwell Containment can reside with third-party endpoint solutions such as Crowdstrike, Sentinel One and others and is the only technology today that can fully protect, isolate and prevent breaches at run-time whilst thwarting an attack before it can happen. Xcitium is excited to be teaming with best-in-breed partner Westcoast to provide their resellers with this same level of complete endpoint protection for their customers.


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