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TD Synnex Partners with Vodafone Innovus for IoT ‘Cold Chain’ Solutions

Matt Child, managing director TD Synnex Advanced Solutions for Ireland and UK
Matt Child, managing director TD Synnex Advanced Solutions for Ireland and UK

Broadliner TD Synnex is working with Vodafone Innovus, a leading provider of IoT solutions, to offer a unique ‘cold chain’ proposition that opens up new market potential for partners in the leisure and healthcare sectors.

Three solutions are available for automated monitoring and management of refrigeration systems. They can be deployed independently or as part of an end-to-end, integrated system with monitoring done by the customer or offered by partners as a managed service.

TD Synnex’s knowledgeable and experienced IoT team is now working with Vodafone Innovus to recruit partners and take the solutions to market in the UK. It is ready to provide specialist pre-sales sales support and technical assistance for any partner that has a potential opportunity.

Matt Child, managing director TD Synnex Advanced Solutions for Ireland and UK, stated: “IoT is a huge and fast-growing area of potential, and we are keen to support partners and ISVs in developing their practices and growing their business with this exciting emerging technology. The Vodafone Innovus cold chain solution is a great example of the tremendous potential of IoT to automate and streamline processes, increasing efficiency, lowering risk and driving costs down for customers. This is a great opportunity for partners to take a cutting edge technology solution to customers in the leisure and healthcare industries, and an ideal way to move into the IoT market.

By making sure that products get to the right place at the right temperature – and stay at the right temperature, the Vodafone Innovus cold chain solution helps organisations to save time, meet industry and safety standards, reduce cost, and deliver improved service.

The three modules available are: Connected Cabinets (for distributed networks of refrigerated devices); Mobile Asset Tracking (for refrigerated containers that are being transported or moved); and Easy Fleet for vehicle tracking. They are easy to install and manage and can be used independently or as a single, integrated solution with remote management and alerting.

Using smart sensors and a web portal, they enable organisations in the leisure industry (restaurants, bars, supermarkets) and medical sector – and the specialist refrigerated transport companies that serve these organisations – to receive alerts and make regular checks on the temperature of refrigeration units, ensuring they comply with regulations and that food and drink, or drugs and medicines, are kept within the required temperature range.

Founded in Athens in 2004 to develop IoT solutions, Innovus became a fully-owned subsidiary of Vodafone in 2012 and has a number of vertical market offerings that combine IoT sensors and connectivity with back-end solutions for monitoring, data collection and analysis.


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