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TD SYNNEX Transfers Adobe Partners onto Dedicated Software Store

Simon Bennett, business unit director, enterprise software and cloud, UK at TD SYNNEX
Simon Bennett, business unit director, enterprise software and cloud, UK at TD SYNNEX

Broadliner TD SYNNEX UK has moved all of its Adobe partners’ accounts across to its dedicated Software Store, making it easy for them to manage all their customers in one place and migrate them to the new Adobe VIP Marketplace – a fully automated service that will ensure customers always have up-to-date solutions that meet their business needs.

Partners can access the Software Store using their normal login for the TD SYNNEX InTouch e-commerce system. As the leading distributor for Adobe in the UK and Ireland and across Europe, TD SYNNEX has a responsibility to support partners in moving customers across to VIP Marketplace and delivering the very best service to those customers”, said Simon Bennett, business unit director, enterprise software and cloud, UK at TD SYNNEX. “For Adobe partners and their customers, the migration to VIP Marketplace is an exciting and progressive change. It means software can always be kept fully licensed and up to date and there is no longer any need to go through a manual process to renew. Partners will now be able to automate customer renewals and view information on all of their Adobe customers through the TD SYNNEX Software Store. It’s a self-service approach that is much more efficient, automated and effective. It’s a better experience for everyone. We have a responsibility to help partners to migrate customers to VIP Marketplace and manage them efficiently from that point on. We’re fully committed to that and it’s why we invested in setting up the Adobe Software Store and moving all accounts onto that dedicated platform.

Customers can be migrated from the VIP programme to VIP Marketplace in seconds on the TD SYNNEX Software Store. The platform simplifies subscription management and saves time for partners, allowing them to see and manage all of their customers’ active assets, purchase new licences and add new licences to agreements, and set up auto-renewals. Alternatively, partners can choose to disable this functionality and continue to use the established renewals process.

Partners registered in the Software Store will also receive advanced notification of renewals. All of these tasks can be performed in real time, due to the TD SYNNEX systems being connected to Adobe via their latest suite of advanced APIs

TD SYNNEX teams have been fully trained on the capabilities of the Software Store and the benefits of the Adobe VIP Marketplace programme. Training materials are available to partners on the TD SYNNEX Channel Academy.



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