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TD SYNNEX Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Advens Cybersecurity and Microsoft

Cédric Sroussi, Services Director for TD SYNNEX France
Cédric Sroussi, Services Director for TD SYNNEX France

Broadliner TD SYNNEX France has signed a three-way partnership with Advens Cybersecurity and Microsoft. Thanks to this strategic agreement, TD SYNNEX is in a position to provide a range of managed cybersecurity services.

SMEs are now one of the prime targets of cyber attackers (43% of successful attacks according to ANSSI in 2022). However, due to a lack of financial, human and technical resources, they are the least prepared organisations and the least served by service providers.

To help them raise their level of IT protection, TD SYNNEX is launching a managed services offering for SMEs, in collaboration with Advens and Microsoft, to give its partners access to a 24/7 managed detection and response service (Managed Detection & Response - MDR). Backed by a dedicated team of cyber analysts based in France, this service will enable resellers to offer their customers comprehensive protection for their IT environments. As a result, from the moment the service is launched, they will be able to offer the most advanced protection without having to bear the initial investment involved in recruiting and retaining their own security team, as well as deploying a dedicated technological architecture.

  • a 24/7 service offering fully managed proactive and preventive cyber protection.

  • an ability to block cyber-attacks in real time thanks to the analysis and actions of cyber analysts

  • a service that is fully integrated with Microsoft technology tools and simply deployable

Built around Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel solutions, this new offering combines TD SYNNEX's extensive cyber security expertise, maturity and reach with Advens' cyber experience and credentials. The MXDR service is delivered on behalf of the partner by Advens, while TD SYNNEX security experts support resellers with engagement, go-to-market activity and initial sales.

Cédric Sroussi, Services Director for TD SYNNEX France, said: "we were very impressed by the advanced cyber security capabilities Advens offers with its MDR offering. This has taken a lot of effort and investment over many years - and is not something that can be easily replicated. Thanks to this collaboration, TD SYNNEX can now offer its partners, who do not have their own in-house skills, the opportunity to create a security practice and provide their customers with a complete digital protection service, which will defend them against all types of modern cyber threats."

Advens is a French leader in independent and sovereign cybersecurity. Present throughout France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes), as well as in Quebec, Tahiti and Spain, Advens is also a leading cybersecurity partner of Microsoft.

"We are delighted to be able to make our M365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel solutions available to our SME customers through this new service offering from TD SYNNEX and Advens, which demonstrates the richness of our partner network and their ability to find complementary solutions to meet all our customers' needs. This combination of expertise is also perfectly in line with our mission, which is to give every person and every organisation on the planet the means to perform better in complete security", said Paul Dominjon, Director of Cybersecurity Solutions at Microsoft.

"Thanks to this strategic partnership, Advens is continuing its mission to democratise cybersecurity for all French organisations. We are proud to be able to support TD SYNNEX partners in facilitating and securing the digital transformation of their customers", commented David Buhan, Managing Director of Advens.


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