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Spider Holster is Back with LUMESCA Group as Exclusive UK Distributor

Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director of LUMESCA Group
Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director of LUMESCA Group

Pro photo/video specialist LUMESCA Group has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of the Spider Camera Holster and Spider Holster accessories. Created by photographers for photographers, Spider Holster produces quality holsters and accessories for photographers who know the pain of antiquated neck straps. The Spider Holster is the only truly ergonomic solution for carrying a professional camera with quick one-handed access and unparalleled comfort. LUMESCA Group will distribute the complete award-winning Spider Camera Holster range in France, Nordics and the United Kingdom.

Spider Holster has established an exceptional reputation in the photography industry, driven by their ability to not only identify and fill a gap in the market but do so with superior products. This commitment to professionalism aligns perfectly with LUMESCA’s values and vision, making this partnership truly exciting and reinforcing our dedication to excellence”, said Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director of LUMESCA Group.

Spider Holster, the well-known photography accessory brand, offers revolutionary alternatives to traditional camera straps and bags. With its three core ranges – SpiderPro, SpiderX, and Spider Monkey – Spider Holster aims to enhance photographers’ workflows by providing simpler, faster, and more functional solutions. The SpiderPro range centres around a utility belt with dual-camera functionality and even weight distribution on the hips, delivering unparalleled comfort while safeguarding equipment. The SpiderX range offers robust holster attachments compatible with any belt or backpack, while the Spider Monkey range provides a selection of quick-release clips and attachments to securely hold accessories like light meters, flash guns, and battery packs. These ranges are particularly well-suited for wedding, sports, and event photographers, as well as individuals requiring quick and effortless camera access to ensure they never miss a shot. Spider Holster redefines camera carrying, empowering photographers to capture every moment with ease and precision.

We are very excited about this partnership with LUMESCA, one which will help us further our reach in the UK and Europe, striving to provide simple, safe and secure camera holster solutions for all photographers”, adds Shai Eynav, President of Spider Holster.

Secure and Comfortable

The Spider Holster system offers a secure locking mechanism that keeps the camera safely in place while allowing for quick release when needed. The weight distribution design helps alleviate strain on the photographer’s neck and shoulders, ensuring maximum comfort during long shoots or events.

Quick and Easy Access

With Spider Holster, photographers can effortlessly retrieve their cameras with a simple and natural upward motion. The quick-draw feature enables them to be instantly ready for any shot.

Versatile and Customisable

Spider Holster accommodates a wide range of camera models and sizes, making it suitable for amateur and professional photographers alike. The system is interchangeable and customisable, with optional accessories such as a lens pouch or memory card organiser, catering to individual preferences and shooting requirements.

Durability and Quality

Crafted with premium materials and robust construction, Spider Holster ensures long-lasting reliability and protection for valuable camera equipment. The products are built to withstand the rigours of professional use, providing peace of mind in even the most demanding shooting situations.


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