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ShareGate Names QBS Software As Preferred EMEA Distributor

Andreea Dumitrescu, Managing Director at QBS Software
Andreea Dumitrescu, Managing Director at QBS Software

Software specialist QBS has been awarded preferred EMEA distributor for ShareGate, the leader in tools and technologies for Microsoft 365 migrations and management.

ShareGate is the true out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that helps you turn Microsoft 365 into the collaborative tool it should be. Built following Microsoft 365 best practices, ShareGate helps you to focus your efforts where it matters most whether you have a big migration project or need to keep your Microsoft 365 environment clean and secure.

With ShareGate, you can migrate and clean your tenant in no time with instant visibility to your environment and tools that target issues and bring forward resolution without the need for complex Microsoft tools. Move with agility through change management, transform your environment to increase productivity, and move content quickly to where it needs to be. Best of all, you can maintain control of your tenant securely in just a few clicks through automations that collaborate with end-users.

ShareGate delivers:

  • Smooth migrations - for SharePoint, Teams and Planner whether you’re merging tenants, moving to the cloud, or upgrading SharePoint.

  • Frictionless provisioning – the newest addition to ShareGate with customizable templates to help guide users to use the right tools, the right way, right from the start.

  • Close-the-loop-automations – automate everyday IT tasks to clean up, organize, and govern your tenant in collaboration with end users – all hand’s free!

  • Centralized reporting – ditch the scripts and the admin centers, get all the information in a centralized location for security, permissions, inventory, and usage.

  • Flexible permissions management – ensure the right people have access to the right things to protect sensitive data.

  • Agile administration – move faster than the speed of change in your day-to-day operations with quick copy actions, bulk edits, and quick fixes.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud or you’re already in the cloud, ShareGate makes it easy and helps IT teams walk the line between maintaining control of their environment and enabling their organization to do their best work in Microsoft 365.

I am delighted to have been appointed as the preferred EMEA distributor of ShareGate, a strategic vendor I successfully onboarded in 2016”, said Andreea Dumitrescu, Managing Director at QBS Software. “Since then, ShareGate and QBS have collaborated to develop a successful channel strategy for customers seeking an Office 365 management and migration solution. With the current focus and investment in personnel and processes, we are confident that we will be able to expand ShareGate's customer base and help them fully exploit the potential of their product.

"For many years, Sharegate and QBS Software have had a very successful partnership and we, at Sharegate are grateful for all the work and dedication that QBS has invested in promoting and distributing our solutions to the EMEA market and the growth that we have experienced together. As our preferred EMEA distributors, QBS has delivered exceptional service to the ShareGate channel partners and customers in the region. We are thrilled to continue working together to help IT teams unleash their organization securely in Microsoft 365 while making their biggest IT admin jobs easy", added Ana Cuadra, Manager Channel Sales for Sharegate.



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