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New Partnership between RLVNT Distribution BV, COROS Benelux and the Runners' Lab Athletics Team

Michel Sellen, General Manager RLVNT Benelux
Michel Sellen, General Manager RLVNT Benelux

Smart object specialist RLVNT and COROS Benelux have announced a 2-year partnership running through the 2024 Paris Olympic Games with the Runners' lab Athletics Team, a group unique in Europe by the density of elite athletes like Isaac Kimeli and Thomas de Bock, and trained by the world-renowned coach Tim Moriau.

Elite athletes from Benelux will use COROS watches for their training and take advantage of the premium data offered by the watch to prepare themselves for the 2024 Olympic Games and other major international championships.

"I'm very pleased to partner with a elite group like the Runners' lab Athletics Team. I will also thank COROS for their support in all our projects. RLVNT, COROS & Runners' lab Athletics Team share the same vision of excellence", said Michel Sellen, General Manager RLVNT Benelux.

"As a former Belgian elite athlete, I am very happy to work together with the athletes and with Tim. I'll be on the track to be able to have a real exchange with them : get their feedback on COROS products and explain how the data provided by COROS watches can help them to reach the highest performance", added Sebastien Dewitte, sales manager and products specialist.

Tim Moriau, Runners' lab Athletics Team Head Coach, concluded : "I am happy we can work together with COROS. This will help us to further professionalize. Thanks to COROS we will be able to analyze even more into detail our (training) data. I am very excited to work with the researchers of COROS to get even more knowledge about the impact of training on the human body."



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