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SkateFlash Zooms into the Middle East with Channel Summit MENA

Pioneering electric scooter brand SkateFlash has set its sights on the Middle East, joining the upcoming Channel Summit MENA to expand its reach and contribute to the region's green mobility revolution.

Founded in 2015, SkateFlash has carved a niche in the e-scooter market with its unwavering commitment to quality. By meticulous part selection, precise assembly, and a dedicated focus on durability, SkateFlash has secured its place across 18 countries, delivering 17,000-25,000 eco-friendly scooters annually.

Channel Summit MENA: A Gateway to Green Growth

Recognizing the Middle East's burgeoning demand for sustainable transportation solutions, SkateFlash sees the Channel Summit MENA as a springboard for regional expansion. This strategic participation aims to connect with potential partners and distributors who share their vision for a greener future.

While acknowledging the competitive landscape, SkateFlash stands firm on its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Abel Jordan, the company's founder, emphasizes their focus on technological advancements that translate into longer product lifespans. He explains, "We compete on durability and user experience, not just price. Our scooters are built to last, guaranteeing three years of reliable performance with proper use."

The upcoming Channel Summit MENA holds particular significance for SkateFlash, representing a platform to showcase their innovative solutions and forge partnerships that align with their values. With products now fully certified and regulatory hurdles cleared, SkateFlash is poised to introduce their eco-friendly scooters to a region ripe for sustainable transportation alternatives.

At the core of SkateFlash's message is a commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation. While competitors may prioritize price, SkateFlash distinguishes itself by prioritizing quality and longevity. Their scooters, designed to withstand the test of time, offer customers a sustainable mobility solution that aligns with their values.

A Sustainable Partnership for a Greener Future

As SkateFlash gears up for the Channel Summit MENA, their message to potential partners is clear: the future of mobility is green, and SkateFlash is leading the charge. By combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainability, SkateFlash is shaping a future where eco-friendly transportation is not just a choice but a necessity.


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