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MyMAX Distributes ShiftCam

Jean Perrière, sales manager for MyMAX
Jean Perrière, sales manager for MyMAX

French AV and accessory specialist MyMAX has unveiled an exclusive distribution agreement in France for the ShiftCam brand.

ShiftCam has created a new universal reflex grip for all smartphones: ProGrip. ProGrip is an ergonomic grip made of non-slip material with a clamp mechanism to fit all smartphones. ProGrip has a rotating mechanism to quickly switch from landscape to portrait mode, an integrated battery for wireless QI charging (or with cable) and a bluetooth index finger release. In addition, it has a standard tripod thread, flash/LED shoe and grip strap.

ProGrip can also be converted into a traditional grip-weighted stand.

"This product is aimed at amateur and professional photographers who increasingly use their smartphones for shooting and video", explains Jean Perrière, sales manager for the distributor, who discovered ShiftCam on ChannelHub Retail Connect online event and will be present on ChannelHub Channel Summit in Monaco, to discover other exciting brands.



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