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Mikrotik Chooses MTI to Cover Ukraine

Serhiy Yakovlev, Commercial Director of MTI
Serhiy Yakovlev, Commercial Director of MTI

Broadliner MTI hi-tech distribution has signed a partnership agreement with Mikrotik, a respected Latvian company specialising in the development of networking equipment for home and business.

Currently, the Mikrotik product line, which MTI represents on the Ukrainian market, consists of four series: hAP, hEX, CRS and CSS. These products are distinguished by their flexibility of use, a wide range of settings, and a large number of connection interfaces.

Here are the main characteristics of each of these series:

  1. hAP (Home Access Point): these are routers that are designed for use in home and small office networks. They have a compact design and can work as a Wi-Fi access point. They support wireless standards and have a built-in Ethernet switch.

  2. hEX (Home Ethernet eXtended): multi-port Ethernet routers designed for use in home and small office networks. They provide high performance and data transfer speed. They have advanced network configuration and security features.

  3. CRS (Cloud Router Switch): switches that combine the functionality of routers and switches. They support a wide range of interfaces, including Ethernet, SFP, and wireless. They have advanced switching and network management functions.

  4. CSS (Cloud Smart Switch): switches that operate in cloud-managed mode (cloud-managed switch). They offer additional features such as web-based configuration and remote management. They support a wide range of interfaces and switching functions.

One of the main advantages of Mikrotik solutions is a wide range of models and the availability of its own RouterOS operating system for device management. All Mikrotik devices are reliable, efficient and flexible in use. They support a variety of routing, security and network management protocols, allowing customers to customise and adapt their networks to specific needs and requirements. High data transfer speeds, low latency and minimal signal loss are additional strengths of Mikrotik equipment, which together ensure reliable and efficient network operation.

The manufacturer's products are certified according to European and international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, CE (Conformité Européenne), and FCC (Federal Communications Commission). This makes them the best choice in tenders for government agencies and enterprises.

Mikrotik's networking solutions, such as routers, switches and access points, are used in a wide range of applications. In business environments, these solutions are used to build resilient networks, providing high bandwidth, security and management. In the service and public sector, such equipment serves as the hardware basis for improving Internet access and wireless communications, organising network infrastructure for smart cities and communities, and supporting public Wi-Fi networks. In the home, it helps to provide fast and stable Internet access, wireless coverage of the entire living space and connectivity of various devices. Regardless of the application, networking solutions play an important role in improving communication, access to information and work efficiency.

"The start of MTI hi-tech distribution cooperation with MikroTik opens up additional opportunities for our customers and we are very pleased with this step. After all, in our work we strive not only to provide access to an expanded range, but also a full range of services and support. We understand that each project has its own unique needs, so our team works individually on each Partner's request to provide the best solution that will solve the Customer's problems", said Serhiy Yakovlev, Commercial Director of MTI.

The first shipment of Mikrotik devices from the hAP, hEX, CRS and CSS series has already arrived at the warehouse, so MTI hi-tech distribution is ready to accept customer orders.

In project solutions, based on many years of experience with network solutions, MTI's qualified specialists provide full support in the selection of network equipment, including consultations, launch and configuration of hardware and software systems, after-sales service and warranty services.


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