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IOT, ICT and Open Networking Products More Available with ASBIS and Pica8 Partnership

Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group
Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group

Broadliner ASBIS Enterprises and Pica8, a leading US-based innovator in enterprise networking software, are glad to announce the beginning of cooperation in expanding the presence of the Pica8 unique product line for the ASBIS’ clients from the EMEA markets through ASBIS offices in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Middle East (including Saudi Arabia), Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa and Ukraine.

This cooperation opens access to an open networking software solution that provides a flexible enterprise switching environments with the benefits of network automation and significant savings over traditional vendors, including benefits to enterprise networks and remote office sites at the access edge.

For our clients, we have become the ambassador of the best and most requested and selected ICT products and solutions that meet the needs of business as well as private clients. Therefore, we could not neglect the unique solutions offered by Pica8, a global vendor of enterprise networking software for white box networking, since now our customers in more than 56 countries are free to use these solutions”, said Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group.

Since being first to market with a hardware independent networking software switch, Pica8 has continued to be the open networking alternative to pricey proprietary management and automation consoles”, said James Liao, Founder and CTO for Pica8. “Partnering with ASBIS is a natural fit for our business and our customers, growing our geographic reach while augmenting their portfolio. Our products are designed to allow for seamless integration in any network environment with expansion to accommodate features that networking professionals will find indispensable.


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