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i-numerics Scans with IRIS

Mounir Amara, President of i-numerics
Mounir Amara, President of i-numerics

Belgian document scanner vendor IRIS and French EDM VAD Innovative Numeric Solutions (i-numerics) have signed a sales agreement for the entire range of IRIS portable scanners and software.

Leader in the field of data capture, for more than 20 years, i-numerics provides expertise and advice to many private companies and public administrations in the field of image capture. A value-added distributor and specialist in document management, i-numerics has developed a 360° service offer to support players in their digital transformation projects.

i-numerics is proud to count Iris among its partners, one of the leaders in artificial intelligence, capture, character recognition, automatic data processing and archiving", explains Mounir Amara, President of i-numerics.

The IRIS range consists of portable scanners integrating OCR/PDF software and business solutions to respond to all the problems encountered in the various markets, both for private companies and public administrations and in particular for large companies in the banking, insurance, industry and culture.

The obligation to digitize and process information in near real time requires effective and appropriate solutions. The IRIS ranges of scanners and software solutions perfectly meet these requirements. In order to manage this acceleration of the digital environment, our partnership with i-numerics is an essential added value”, said Bertrand Guillaume, Regional Sales Manager at Iris.

Since its creation, i-numerics has been dedicated solely to the transformation of various media into digital images, a strategic tool for communication between companies and their customers and major technical issues within companies.


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