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Exertis Named First UK Distributor to Offer Seagate Lyve Cloud

Jason Daly, Seagate Systems Business Unit Manager at Exertis
Jason Daly, Seagate Systems Business Unit Manager at Exertis

Broadliner Exertis has been named as the first UK distributor to add Seagate Lyve Cloud – the award-winning storage as a service to its portfolio. Seagate’s S3-compatible cloud storage offers a simple, trusted, and cost-efficient way to unlock the value of their massive unstructured data sets, helping to drive innovation.

Seagate Lyve Cloud is built to enable multi-cloud freedom, allowing the customers to retain full control of their data while lowering the cloud TCO for storing, accessing and moving massive data sets. It is vendor-agnostic, providing frictionless cloud capabilities with simplicity, flexibility and cost predictability. Reducing storage infrastructure cost and complexity Seagate Lyve Cloud helps organisations make full use of the value of their data. By leveraging Lyve Cloud in scenarios such as data analytics, data repository for content collaboration, and backup/disaster recovery, organisations can remove data silos, get insights from their data and dramatically reduce their total cost of ownership.

UK Businesses are using and storing data at unprecedented levels and Seagate Lyve Cloud equips them with true multi-cloud flexibility, world-class security and long-term cost predictability”, said Ravi Naik, Executive Vice President of storage services and CIO at Seagate. “Companies that minimise data costs and maximise data innovation, win. Lyve Cloud empowers businesses to manage and transfer mass data easily, rapidly and securely across various storage environments, unlocking significant savings and accelerating digital transformation and innovation.

Jason Daly, Seagate Systems Business Unit Manager at Exertis, said: “achieving multi-cloud reality is complex. Data has become distributed across edge, on premise, centralised data centres, and public cloud infrastructures. Seagate’s Lyve Cloud and Systems portfolio provides customers with a set of tools to build an ecosystem with industry leading data storage features as well as being able to take control of their multi-cloud strategy. At Exertis Enterprise we understand that for enterprises to succeed we must help them achieve a “data everywhere” strategy, and we believe our partnership with Seagate Lyve Cloud will help our customers harness the power of their data, regardless of location.

In a new survey, “the UK data management costs and opportunities index, 2022 edition” from Seagate Technology, British businesses are spending an average of €247,000 per year just on storing and managing their own data. The survey reveals companies are prioritising spending on data over energy costs, as well as employee welfare and training. The findings, which come during today’s global macro-economic crisis, highlight the urgent need for businesses to rein in their data costs.

According to the 2022 Global DataSphere forecast report by IDC, 211 zettabytes of data will be generated globally in 2026. This is translating into budget headaches for British businesses. Seagate’s survey, which polled senior IT decision-makers at companies with more than 1,000 employees, reveals UK businesses are spending up to one third of their IT budgets on data storage and management alone. Over half (52%) of those surveyed describe this level of spending as ‘unsustainable.’


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