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Exertis Named ColorTokens’ First pan-European Distributor

Dominic Ryles, Sales and Commercial Director at Exertis Cybersecurity
Dominic Ryles, Sales and Commercial Director at Exertis Cybersecurity

VAD Exertis Enterprise has been named as ColorTokens’ first pan-European distributor. ColorTokens is a leading provider of Unified Zero Trust Platforms, and with this partnership, Exertis has opened up a great opportunity to drive significant new business, focusing first on the UK and a number of countries across Europe.

ColorTokens allows customers to manage microsegmentation across all asset types, with comprehensive visibility into deployed assets and traffic via an intuitive visual dashboard.

Users can simplify the creation of least-privilege microsegmentation policies through automated tagging, use centralised policy management to automatically organise and create network and domain groups, manage microsegmentation for containerised microservice application at the API level, and minimise exposure by automatically extending security controls to new cloud-native workloads and applications.

ColorTokens’ solutions can reduce compliance costs by 70%, reduce security alerts by 80%, and deployment can be increased by 100%.

Despite many advancements in field of cybersecurity, breaches remain high and the dwell time for an attacker has increased to an average of 279 days (according to Ponemon Institute’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach study), so it shows that there is a huge gap in the security that is allowing hackers to penetrate the network and stay undetected for a significant period – long enough to probe, move laterally, and successfully exfiltrate data”, said Dominic Ryles, Sales and Commercial Director at Exertis Cybersecurity. “I’m thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with ColorTokens, a cloud-delivered Zero Trust and microsegmentation vendor who can help our channel partners understand their journey to becoming more cyber resilient, utilising both Zero Trust and microsegmentation security practices to defend against today’s modern threats. I’m confident that our channel partners will see the value and cost-savings that can be made by utilising ColorTokens either instead, or alongside, their existing cyber tools.

ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform recently received 4.9 stars out of 5 on Gartner Peer Insights, with reviewers saying: “very powerful solution – regain control and visibility on network traffic”, “it reduces the time needed to apply the necessary controls to prevent breaches”, and “excellent product to manage and control Firewall”.

Raja Ukil, Sr VP, APAC & EMEA and Strategic Partnerships at ColorTokens, said: “we’re thrilled to announce this partnership and we are excited to work with Exertis Cybersecurity, their partner community, and their wider portfolio of cyber security vendors. This partnership will make it easier for the channel community to do business with ColorTokens by simplifying engagement and it will enhance their partnership journey from day one onboarding, through to technical and sales enablement, whilst at the same time activating additional resources, skills and services that extend our channel, drive demand, and reach more customers that we can help with their cyber security needs.


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