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EET Group Acquires NAUTA

Søren Drewsen, CEO, EET Group
Søren Drewsen, CEO, EET Group

Danish multispecialist EET Group has unveiled its third strategic acquisition in 2023. EET Group has just signed an agreement to acquire NAUTA Soluções de Segurança, a Portuguese distributor specialising in hardware and software products for security and surveillance as well as network components.

The acquisition of NAUTA will further strengthen and accelerate growth in the Iberian region and represents the next step in EET's plans for expansion in an important and lucrative market.

NAUTA is headquartered in Aveiro with offices in Gaia and Lisbon. Since its foundation in 1992, the company has delivered solid, profitable results, growing to become a leading specialist in the security industry. NAUTA has a number of the biggest technology brands in its portfolio, including COSMO, an exclusive security, energy and operations software brand. NAUTA takes a value-added approach, offering customers project configuration and training, for example. These products and services will become an integral part of EET's existing services, improving the ability to meet the changing needs of customers across Europe.

NAUTA will be fully implemented into EET's unique business model and technology platform, and EET is working to ensure as smooth and seamless a transition as possible for all stakeholders, drawing on past experience from numerous successful acquisitions over the past few years.

By combining the expertise of EET's current staff in Portugal with NAUTA's skilled team of 35 employees, the new organisation will be able to offer their large customer portfolio an even wider range of services and strong brands. This collaboration will significantly strengthen EET's position in Portugal and provide NAUTA's existing customers with much stronger services. Carlos Dias, the founder of NAUTA, has been appointed CEO of the new and strong EET Portugal.

"NAUTA is a very well-run company and it makes strategic and commercial sense to join forces between NAUTA and EET - both parties are highly dedicated to delivering value-added solutions and services. We look forward to welcoming our new, dedicated and talented colleagues from the NAUTA team. I have full confidence that Carlos Dias will succeed in leading the new strong Portuguese team", says Søren Drewsen, CEO, EET Group.

Carlos Dias, CEO and founder of NAUTA, said: "I am very proud of the achievements and hard work of NAUTA's employees over the past years. It is thanks to them that NAUTA is now taking the next step and being acquired by a highly respected IT distributor in Europe with strong competences in the security industry. We are confident that our combined efforts will drive continued growth and that our loyal customers will benefit from EET's impressive product portfolio and expertise."

The acquisition of NAUTA is the latest in a series of strategic moves by EET, focusing on both organic growth and carefully selected acquisitions to expand the business and position itself for long-term growth. From the initial contact until the contract was signed, IBSC M&A acted as advisor to EET.

NAUTA is EET Group's 31st acquisition since 2015 and the third in 2023, following the acquisition of Belgian distributor Tridis in April and pan-European distributor Convena in May.



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