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EET Acquires Tridis

Søren Drewsen, CEO of EET Group
Søren Drewsen, CEO of EET Group

Danish multispecialist EET Group strengthens and accelerates growth in the Benelux region with the acquisition of leading Belgian distributor Tridis for an undisclosed amount.

Tridis, founded in 1996 and located in Merchem, achieved a 58% revenue increase during the last four years. EET’s current employees in Belgium and Tridis, having 16 employees, will join forces and form a highly skilled organization offering a broad portfolio of strong brands to the thousands of customers of the combined operation and significantly increase EET Group’s position in Belgium and Luxembourg. Founder of Tridis, Philippe Christiaens, is appointed Managing Director for the combined business.

"The combined Tridis and EET activities in Belgium and Luxembourg create a serious player in an important market and an excellent platform for continued strong growth. Tridis is a very well-run company that has demonstrated solid, profitable growth for several years. With this acquisition, we have positioned EET to gain further shares of a lucrative and growing market", explained Søren Drewsen, CEO of EET Group.

EET Group has a well-defined expansion strategy, focusing on both organic growth and selected acquisitions. Tridis is EET Group’s 29th acquisition since 2015 and the first in 2023.

"It makes strategic and commercial sense to join forces of Tridis and EET – both highly committed to providing value-add solutions and services with the support from top brands. We are looking forward to welcoming and working with the dedicated and skilled Tridis employees and are confident that Philippe Christiaens is perfect to head the strong combined Belgium team", added Søren Drewsen.

Tridis carries over 40 leading technology brands and in addition to sales and distribution of the products, Tridis applies a consultative approach, offering customers e.g., project configuration and training plus a variety of online services.

"EET Group is a perfect partner for Tridis, sharing our focus on value-adding services and commitment to improving the efficiency of the installation and maintenance process. At Tridis, we are excited to become part of a well-renowned European IT distributor, and I am convinced that we together can continue our strong growth trajectory", concluded Philippe Christiaens, MD and founder of Tridis.



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