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EET Acquires French Networking VAD Config

Richard Grégoire, Managing Director of EET France
Richard Grégoire, Managing Director of EET France

Multispecialist EET continues focused expansion strategy with the acquisition of Config, a French VAD specialized in one of EET's fastest growing business areas, networking. The investment will strengthen EET's presence in the French networking solutions market and especially in the cybersecurity market through well-known and recognized brands such as Trend Micro, Sophos, Cambium, Ruckus, and many more. The acquisition will allow EET to further build its relationship with current vendors and give rise to new opportunities in the cybersecurity market.

"Acquiring Config is the best possible match for EET. Our products and solutions have network as a common root and the implementation of cybersecurity will enhance our networking offering to existing and future customers as they are now able to offer and deploy much more secure networking solutions. The acquisition will allow EET to reach new customers and they will benefit from having access to a much broader range of products in the widespread product categories offered by EET. I am convinced that we will continue our strong growth and offer added value to our customers when merging our solutions knowledge", said Richard Grégoire, Managing Director of EET France.

Config has been an active player on the cybersecurity and networking market for more than 20 years. This acquisition allows EET to build up a new pillar for its development, the cybersecurity market. The French office of EET, for this purpose, acts as an icebreaker for the group.

"We are very proud of the journey our company has taken in the past years, working closely with selected vendors and building our loyal customer base in focusing on added value. This is a joyous next step for Config and our loyal customers who will benefit from EET’s impressive portfolio and expertise. EET is a strong company within the networking and solutions market and has tremendous logistic capability and sales staff across 24 countries. Our similar DNA in adding value and offering excellent service to our customers makes me feel confident in serving more customers and implementing cybersecurity expertise and guidance to existing EET customers", added Matthieu Pares, Technical Director of Config.

"Throughout the years, EET has performed numerous successful acquisitions and developed great best practices for welcoming new colleagues and growing new business activities. We look forward to integrating Config into our unique operating model and outstanding technology platform and utilize our wide distribution network to strengthen our position within the cybersecurity area in France", concluded Søren Drewsen, CEO of EET Group.

As part of the acquisition, EET will get several distribution deals covering Africa. The linecard of Config has been streamlined for efficiency purposes. Config Maroc, the last foreign office of Config (the others, in Algeria, Senegal, Switzerland and Tunisia) having been closed over the past years), has not been acquired and remains independent.



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