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EBV Elektronik Extends Analogue and Power Portfolio via new Distribution Agreement with Nisshinbo

Thomas Staudinger, President at EBV Elektronik
Thomas Staudinger, President at EBV Elektronik

Semiconductor specialist EBV Elektronik has signed a franchise agreement with Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc., a leading supplier of analogue, power and microwave components. The new agreement bolsters EBV’s offering across these product sectors and is an excellent complement to its existing portfolio, greatly enriching the choice for customers.

Born from the merger of Ricoh and New Japan Radio, Japan-based Nisshinbo has been manufacturing a wide portfolio of electronic devices and RF/microwave radar products for more than 60 years. The company is a leader in analogue solutions with a specific focus on energy management and signal processing as a core technology for many application sectors in industrial, automotive and consumer markets.

The company offers a broad range of devices, including op-amps, low-dropout (LDO) regulators, motor drivers and analogue front-end (AFE) devices. Other products in the Nisshinbo range include a wide selection of battery management ICs, audio/video ICs, and RF/microwave products such as LNAs, motion detectors.

As a leader in semiconductor distribution, EBV Elektronik was the clear choice for us to partner with in order to help grow our sales in the EMEA region and expand our distribution network”, said Hiroyuki Sugiura, General Manager of Sales & Marketing Division, Electronic Devices Business Headquarters at Nisshinbo Micro Devices. “In conjunction with its world-class logistics infrastructure, we believe EBV’s knowhow and expertise in providing application support to customers will be a major driver in creating demand for our products and technologies.

The Nisshinbo product portfolio dovetails perfectly with our current offering across a multitude of analogue and power markets”, said Thomas Staudinger, President at EBV Elektronik. “We believe this well-known brand in Japan, delivering some of the highest quality silicon available in the market, will be of great interest to many of our customers.


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