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Dropbox Announces new Partnership in France with DSD Europe

Stan Laurijssen, Director of DSD Europe
Stan Laurijssen, Director of DSD Europe

Dropbox has chosen software specialist DSD Europe as its new distribution partner in France. DSD's size and strong presence in the French market make it an ideal partner for Dropbox's expansion strategy in the territory. DSD will play a crucial role in making Dropbox products and services accessible to French businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

This collaboration will improve the availability of Dropbox products in France, and provide local technical support to corporate customers. DSD's in-depth knowledge of the French market, combined with Dropbox technologies, will make it easier for employees to manage and collaborate on common work documents, and thus improve team productivity as the digital transformation continues for many structures.

"We are delighted to be partnering with DSD as our official distributor in France", comments Daragh Carroll, Regional Sales Director France and Benelux at Dropbox. "DSD's recognized expertise and extensive distribution network will play a vital role in our efforts to reach a wider audience and provide localized support to our French customers. Together, we aim to redefine collaboration and support the growth of our customers across the country. DSD Europe is a major player in the SaaS market and its exclusive position in this sector is a competitive advantage. We value DSD's experience and this partnership will undoubtedly enable us to continue to develop our presence in France."

The DSD Europe platform offers a seamless distribution experience with an "on-demand" software store that makes purchasing solutions as quick as it is easy. DSD also offers comprehensive awareness and training programs to facilitate the adoption of digital tools.

Stan Laurijssen, Director of DSD Europe, explains: "Dropbox solutions will enable DSD Europe to bring real added value to their customers, with solutions that have unique capabilities to tackle the biggest business challenges. Its secure cloud platform and suite of collaborative tools make it much easier for teams to work remotely, so we're delighted with this partnership and what it will enable us to bring to our new and existing customers."

"Dropbox will enable our French customers to integrate the latest innovations in content sharing, and give them access to the tools they need to be able to collaborate effectively across the globe", explains Stan.


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