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Copaco Cloud Adds Exclaimer to Portfolio

Rick van den Hoogenhof, manager Copaco Cloud
Rick van den Hoogenhof, manager Copaco Cloud

Broadliner Copaco expands the cloud portfolio with solutions from Exclaimer, worldwide market leader in email signatures. With this addition, Copaco partners can offer their clients the possibility to deploy email signatures more productively and to manage them more efficiently.


The design possibilities of the email signatures provide a more uniform and professional appearance for the end consumer. Because of its accessible way of designing and editing this does not have to be outsourced to the IT-department, but it can be done by the appointed person depending on the situation while bringing the most out of email signatures.

Besides managing and designing email signatures, Exclaimer offers tools that add even more value to email signatures for an organisation. For example, planning appointments, giving feedback through a so called ‘1-click-survey’ and analyses of clickstream behaviour. Copaco Cloud partners can now offer all these functions to their clients that work with Microsoft 365, Exchange, or Google Workspace. Exclaimer’s solutions are available through the Copaco Cloud marketplace.

Jo Holliday, VP of Channel at Exclaimer, said: “we are convinced that through our partnership with Copaco our brand recognition in the Benelux will expand. The partners at Copaco, experts in advanced cloud solutions, provide end consumers of a total package to manage their email signatures. We are excited about this collaboration and are looking forward to what the future will bring for Copaco and Exclaimer.

Rick van den Hoogenhof, manager Copaco Cloud, added: “with this partnership we broaden our ‘workplace & productivity portfolio’, and we validate our digital workplace position. Exclaimer brings the external communication of organisations to a visibly higher level."


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