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Arrow ECS Receives Check Point’s EMEA ‘Distributor of the Year’ Award

Alexis Brabant, VP Sales of Arrow ECS EMEA
Alexis Brabant, VP Sales of Arrow ECS EMEA

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has been awarded ‘Distributor of the Year’ at Check Point’s virtual annual EMEA expo, CPX360, which took place in Munich on 14th – 16th March.

Alexis Brabant, VP Sales of Arrow ECS in EMEA, said: “security continues to be high on the boardroom agenda as more frequent and intense attacks, with different motivations, using unpredictable, irregular methods continue to plague businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. We have continued to deepen and broaden our security offer to help develop key strategies and solutions in response to this evolving threat landscape. Our agreement with Check Point is vital to this and has been built on a long-standing relationship. Over this time, we have been delighted to be the recipient of a number of Check Point awards. I am proud to add this ‘Distributor of the Year EMEA’ distinction which recognises our continuing combined success, and is testament to the team’s performance.

Rebecca Dixon, head of EMEA distribution for Check Point Software, said: “Arrow ECS is recognised as a leading distributor across EMEA and key to driving Check Point business. In 2022 they helped successfully lead our distribution-managed business into double-digit growth with an emphasis on new customers. This growth is driven by strong performance across the board, from small resellers, to the capability to support large, complex Infinity deals. The need for a comprehensive and consolidated cybersecurity solution based on prevention has never been more urgent. On behalf of Check Point, I offer my congratulations to all the teams involved.

As the frequency of global cyber-attacks reaches an all-time high, Check Point hosted the annual event to bring together key players in the cyber security industry to explore the latest topics and prepare for the year ahead through a comprehensive agenda of keynotes and in-depth sessions, rounded off with an awards presentation to acknowledge outstanding successes.



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