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Arrow ECS Launches Managed Services

Mark Barcham, head of services sales and go-to-market for Arrow ECS in EMEA
Mark Barcham, head of services sales and go-to-market for Arrow ECS in EMEA

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has introduced a managed services portfolio designed to support channel partners through the entire lifecycle of service provision and delivery.

Arrow’s managed services are designed to overcome the challenges that many IT providers are experiencing around the shortage of niche skill sets, the costs that are associated with building a managed services platform, and the ongoing balance of cashflow while ensuring return on investment.

Mark Barcham, head of services sales and go-to-market for Arrow ECS in EMEA, said: “continuous innovation and the delivery of cutting-edge services are critical for our channel partners to remain competitive and help ensure they are meeting end users’ ever-evolving requirements. The launch of our managed services portfolio provides substantial value for them, enabling them to pivot to new areas of strategic focus, whilst continuing to deliver solid business outcomes to their customers. In short, we’re here to help channel partners ramp up recurring revenue streams, unconstrained by the overheads typically associated with maintaining a rich services portfolio. We are very excited about the opportunity to help them grow faster.

Arrow's managed services includes:

  • storage: enhance performance and save costs with in-depth, round-the-clock monitoring of the storage deployments – both on-prem and in the cloud.

  • cloud backup: help ensure secure backup of all subscriptions.

  • networking and security: improve operational efficiency, prevent threats, and anticipate security vulnerabilities with automated monitoring, alerts, and proactive remediation services.

  • cloud orchestration: accelerate public cloud deployments, taking advantage of 24x7 cloud monitoring, and a self-service portal to orchestrate and automate daily operations for public cloud infrastructure providers.

Commenting on the new offering, Jérôme Cournut, CEO from Administration Réseaux et Systèmes (ARS), said: “as part of our commitment to delivering increased value to our customers, we seized the opportunity to use Arrow managed services. We renewed all Microsoft 365 agreements and proposed that our customers enhance their experience by opting for Arrow's comprehensive cloud backup managed service. Small and medium-sized businesses, along with existing ARS clients, were particularly interested in the competitive pricing and terms, resulting in over 90 percent of our clients signing up.



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