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ALSO Takes Fraud Protection for ACMP Customers to the Next Level

Marc Nijhof, CCO of ALSO Benelux
Marc Nijhof, CCO of ALSO Benelux

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud is a must in our hybrid world. However, there is one very real danger that businesses need to be aware of: even the most popular cloud services can be hacked. Cyber attacks can lead to data loss and GDPR data breaches. The latest hacking trend is to use cloud computing subscriptions for cryptocurrency mining or to exploit bot nets. The result: consumption costs skyrocket. For public cloud IaaS services, broadliner ALSO Benelux has a layered system to protect channel partners and end customers.

It is based on three pillars: Prevent, Detect and Respond. The ACMP (ALSO Cloud Marketplace) automatically assesses its customers' security configuration and enforces the use of multifactor authentication. Basic security policies are put in place and the necessary measures to control and protect the use of IaaS resources.

Detection capabilities include constant monitoring of each subscription's monthly usage forecast, allowing partners to set parameters and flag any anomalies in near real-time, including alert notifications. Built-in security reports also enable channel partners to identify potential risks and improve the level of protection for their end customers.

Once fraud is detected, immediate response is required to mitigate the damage. Management of resource quotas per subscription or automatic suspension of resources used for fraudulent activities are just some of the valuable capabilities channel partners can use to maintain comprehensive control.

Marc Nijhof, CCO of ALSO Benelux, explains: "attacks on cloud workloads are becoming increasingly common. We have seen cases where without our comprehensive security measures the effect on our partners and their customers could have been disastrous. Our layered approach not only allows for damage control, but provides full transparency for our resellers and helps them stay in control and respond to attacks before serious damage is done."



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