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Samsung and EET Collaborate on Mobile Accessories

Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET
Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET

Broadliner EET and Samsung have entered into a strategic collaboration since January, 1st 2023. From now on, EET will be responsible for sales and distribution of Samsung's mobile accessories, headphones and smart watches on the Danish market.

Samsung is the market leader and in 2022 will have sold approx. every third mobile phone on the Danish market. This of course makes the market for original accessories extremely attractive, and with the right product composition and channel strategy, both Samsung and EET agree that there is enormous growth potential.

With the new collaboration, Samsung wants to strengthen its position in the market for accessories and ensure availability for their dealers and end customers. EET has strong customer relations both in B2B, general retail and with the operator, who must ensure Samsung the right availability in the retail trade and in connection with various public agreements, where Samsung is today an important supplier of mobile phones.

"EET has a logistics center in Denmark, which ensures day-to-day deliveries to our important dealers, as well as a sales team that has worked strategically for many years with the sale of accessories for both PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Their approach to channel strategy and assortment management, as well as close dialogue with the retailers, will absolutely benefit Samsung's growth in sales of original accessories and strengthen the overall customer experience that we want for our partners and end customers", says Country Manager for Samsung, Claus Holm.

"For EET, it is a great recognition that such a sought-after and reputable brand as Samsung chooses to look in our direction. For many years, we have worked strategically with the retail trade when it comes to accessories, and we work every day to improve the customer experience that our dealers and not least end customers must have when they meet brands in stores that come via EET", says Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET.

The aim of the collaboration is for Samsung's original accessories to have a prominent location in more than 200 stores around Denmark, so that the range of accessories will always be easily accessible to Samsung's mobile customers. Samsung has a portfolio of accessories of close to 500 products, which provides the optimal opportunity for retailers to put together their range in relation to customer demand and in line with their sales of Samsung mobile phones.


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