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RLVNT Distribution Celebrates 10-Years!

Martin Liljegren, cofounder of RLVNT Distribution
Martin Liljegren, cofounder of RLVNT Distribution

As 2022 is coming to an end, CE distributor RLVNT Distribution would like to take some time to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the company. To highlight the occasion it is releasing a new logo, webpage and company movie.

Founders Daniel Björnemalm and Martin Liljegren summarizes their thoughts on the first 10 Years:

10-years! Wow! It feels like yesterday when me and Martin left our former employments to jump into the unsecure darkness. We sat there, just us two, in an empty room at an office hotel, with huge goals but with limited resources to say the least. Today, 10 years later, we are working with world leading brands within health, sport tech and lifestyle! Such as Marshall, Wahoo, Withings, Therabody and COROS to name a few.

We are today almost 40 people working in 5 different companies in The Nordics, France and Benelux with a collective turnover of appr 40MEUR. All without taking in a single EUR in external capital! Is it ok to say that we are damn proud of that? But that’s also the reason why we are here. There have been extremely tough times for us, especially the first 7 years.

But with extremely fast decision making we have had the ability to turn the ship around without the need of taking this thru several external board members. We have moved extremely fast sometimes in totally new directions. And that has really made us strong!

We also have the best employees on earth. Willing to do what’s needed to reach the collective goals. And with the goals the fun times comes as well.

From now on we can look back on the first 10 years and be both humble and exited at the same time, we are looking forward to continuing to serve the best resellers with the best brands for the coming 10 years as well. Who knows where we are in 10 year’s time from now?

Only time will tell… so a HUGE thank you to everyone from employees, vendors, customers, to ambassadors and other collaborators for this successful first 10 years! But remember… We have just started!


The idea of RLVNT is – and has always been to be the primary partner to resellers, vendors, end consumers, and ambassadors within the area of sport-, health- MedTech, and lifestyle. RLVNT takes pride in working with the most innovative and cutting-edge vendors in the industry to offer state-of-the-art products made to inspire. Its employees are the real heroes and backbone of its success story. That is something that the company want to highlight with its new logo and visual identity :

With the new logo it wants to highlight the 3 pillars of success for RLVNT :

  • People : the people have always been the backbone of RLVNT and having the right attitude and mindset has been key to get to where we are and will be as well to get to where we want to go in the future

  • Partnerships : in everything we do we strive to create strong partnership, both internally and externally. All of our success stories have been generated through strong partnerships

  • Culture : we strive to facilitate a corporate culture that creates an atmosphere that thrives on curiosity, drive, enthusiasm and positive energy that motivates everyone to always go that extra mile for our vendors, customers and colleges



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