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Lenovo up their sustainability game with new refurbished tech programme

According to Circle Economy and Deloitte’s, ‘The Circularity Gap Report 2023’ only 7.2% of our world is circular. Leading PC and multi category brand Lenovo has launched a new initiative to sell certified refurbished PCs and Servers to meet demand for more refurbished products and contribute further to the industry’s circular economy (Lenovo claims that 71%* devices collected by the company are refurbished or reused for parts. The company also offers an extensive trade in programme for consumers and businesses).

The refurbished devices fall into 3 categories, Premium, Excellent and Good with the difference in condition down to cosmetic imperfections only (i.e. there might be more scratches on a PC graded as Good vs Premium). The PCs and servers come with a 1 year standard warranty and the option to extend to 3 years (depending on participating countries), and lenovo has committed to all PCs offered through the programme to be Windows 11 ready.

The LCR (Lenovo Certified Refurbished) programme will only be available in UK, France, Denmark and Germany with a wider roll out penned in for later in the year.

For more information about the LCR programme click here


*Source: Measured by weight through Lenovo Asset Recovery Services. Lenovo Internal data.



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