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Interview with Hadrien Lacharmoise, RHINOSHIELD

Tell us about RhinoShield

Established in 2013, RHINOSHIELD is a device accessories brand with evolution at its heart. The company has evolved over the past decade from startup status, into a world-renowned impact protection accessories brand, pushing ever forwards by developing innovative solutions whilst adhering to a foundational pledge of sustainability.

Evolving Material Technology - Many will find RHINOSHIELD products uniquely appealing due to pioneering work by the company’s material science team. Our iconic ShockSpread™ material has kept evolving with better engineering design and product approach, making it ideal for impact protection.

Driven by Sustainability - Sustainability lives at the heart of RHINOSHIELD. What makes us remarkable is our commitment to mono-material, which means rethinking the way of product design to ensure less material is used to create a case and that they are much easier to be recycled and transformed into a new product, ultimately creating a sustainable ecosystem for the circular economy.

Let You, Be You - At RHINOSHIELD, we know your devices are highly cherished and personal. They’re a window to your world, connecting you with your loved ones, and probably your livelihood too — all the things that make you, YOU. RHINOSHIELD offers designs that reflect your individuality, whether from our well developed licensed catalog or through our customizable DIY platform.

Change Maker Culture - RHINOSHIELD’s philosophy has always been focused on Creative Ingenuity; using game-changing materials and aesthetic designs to make products that fit your world, and reflects the things you care about. As a proud changemaker, RHINOSHIELD pushes ever forward by developing innovative solutions while adhering to a foundational pledge of sustainability.

What are you hoping to achieve at Channel Summit EMEA?

We're excited to introduce our premium brand and innovative products at the event, targeting distributors and retailers across EMEA who share our vision for sustainable change. We're not just seeking clients for simple transactions; we're on the lookout for like-minded partners who are as passionate about reducing plastic usage as we are. Let's join forces to make a lasting impact on the market together.

E-waste and recycling are huge issues for the industry. What is Rhinoshield doing to incorporate circular practices into the business?

RHINOSHIELD takes a sustainable approach in all our products, considering the entire lifecycle from product design, material selection, manufacturing, packaging to recycling. This commitment is a step towards achieving a zero-waste future, and we take it seriously. As a pioneer in phone accessories industry, we recognize that sustainability is made by choice, not a given, and we're dedicated to this journey.

By taking a holistic approach and considering every aspect of our products, we walk the talk and commit to create a more sustainable future. At RHINOSHIELD, we’re committed to achieving our zero waste goal. From investing in sustainable material, designing products with end-of-life considerations, to building recycling ecosystem, we're taking concrete steps to reduce our footprint and create a more sustainable future for all.

Come to Visit RHINOSHIELD's booth to see our sustainability commitment in action, pioneering a greener future in phone accessories with tangible results and step-by-step progress towards our goals.

Which geographic areas and channels are you prioritising in the next 12 months?

In the coming year, we're setting our sights on key European markets and breaking into the gaming industry with RhinoBuff. Gamers know us for top-notch protection, but now they'll see us as a gaming essential. Join us at our booth and be part of our journey to offer something truly unique to gamers worldwide.

Do you have a structured channel programme? Please explain how you work with your channel partners

At RHINOSHIELD, we prioritize supporting our partners through programs tailored to each of our clients, whether they are retailers, distributors or others. Our comprehensive approach includes providing access to a full suite of marketing support and assets to elevate brands in their respective markets. Additionally, our clear distribution strategy ensures that partners are not just a number but part of an exclusive network where everyone can thrive.

Furthermore, our online B2B global order platform enables partners to streamline the order process, allowing them to place orders anytime, anywhere. We also offer opportunities for partners to join our sustainability programs, such as Recycle Bins and Circular Next, demonstrating our commitment to making a real difference together.


RHINOSHIELD is a confirmed exhibitor at Channel Summit EMEA 2024.


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