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Interview with Giuseppe Leo, Founder & CEO, Bellaria

Tell us about Bellaria

Bellaria was founded in 2021 with the vision of transforming the world of sanitary solutions. After a prolonged and intensive development phase, we launched our first unit, the Aircube, in September 2022. The product quickly became a media sensation, featuring in various German TV shows and documentaries. Today, our products are available across Europe, and we have recently begun expanding our distribution to Asia and the US. This expansion marks a significant milestone in our mission to address sanitary challenges globally

How does the device work?

Our patented filter technology is central to the functionality of our device. The Aircube operates by drawing in unpleasant odors from the toilet bowl while using the toilet, neutralizing them instantly to 100%. This ensures that odors are contained before they can escape the bowl. Additionally, once usage is complete, the device sanitizes the entire toilet bowl, effectively eliminating bacteria, pathogens, and germs on contact. This dual functionality is fundamental in maintaining a clean and odor-free environment

What is the business potential for this type of product? Is it consumer only or are there also B2B opportunities?

The market potential for our products is tremendous. As we know, toilets are a fundamental requirement in nearly every home and building. We initially entered the consumer market in 2022 to gauge feedback directly from end users. It quickly became apparent that the demand was equally strong in the business-to-business sector. This insight led us to develop various versions of our basic product to better meet the diverse needs of different markets. Today, we are proud to supply our units to a variety of clients, including privats homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, and public institutions such as schools and universities

How is your current channel set up? How do you organise your routes to market?

In our approach, we embrace a multichannel strategy. Originally based in Germany, we have

successfully expanded our reach to seven countries worldwide. Our primary goal is to cater to the unique needs of customers in each region. To achieve this, we closely collaborate with local distributors and retailers. This partnership helps us gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and enables us to deliver a unique shopping experience tailored to their specific needs.

Which markets are you looking to develop and what type of channel partners would you like to meet at Channel Summit EMEA?

Our main goal is to secure new partners in both the B2B and B2C sectors across various countries. Particularly in new markets, we prefer to work with distributors and resellers, as we believe they have the best understanding of their customers and their specific needs. We are hopeful to meet these potential partners at the Channel Summit, where we aim to explore new opportunities and forge collaborative paths forward.

What type of support do you offer your channel partners when it comes to marketing and promotion?

We highly value a close and collaborative partnership with our distribution partners. With such a unique product as ours, it is crucial that we work together with our customers and partners to fully engage and show them its value. To support this, we offer strategic marketing support along with marketing and promotion budgets. We see ourselves as an integral part of the distribution network and recognize that effective marketing is essential for a product's success.

The genesis of our product stemmed from a necessity I experienced as a soccer player. As a former professional who traveled extensively and was constantly surrounded by people, I frequently encountered uncomfortable situations. These experiences inspired me to think about and ultimately create a sustainable solution to a pervasive problem—restroom hygiene. This led to the creation of the AirCube, a product that demonstrates the importance of hygiene in all areas of life.


Bellaria is exhibiting at Channel Summit EMEA 2024. For more information about Bellaria, visit


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