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Exertis France Welcomes Thomas De Portes as National Sales Force Manager

Thomas De Portes, National Sales Force Manager for Exertis France
Thomas De Portes, National Sales Force Manager for Exertis France

CE specialist Exertis France has appointed Thomas De Portes to its team as National Sales Force Manager. With his expertise in sales management, Thomas will be in charge of managing the field sales team and implementing and monitoring sales actions in the field.

Thomas De Portes holds a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and brings a solid experience in sales and management. Prior to joining Exertis France, he held the position of Sales Manager at Fnac, where he acquired an in-depth knowledge of the technology products market and the commercial issues associated with it.

In his new role at Exertis France, Thomas will be responsible for the sales strategy in the field, managing the sales teams and implementing effective sales actions to optimize the company's growth. His leadership, strategic vision and industry experience will be key assets for Exertis France in developing its sales force and achieving its business objectives.

For Ludovic Thomazeau, Director of the Multimedia BU: "we are delighted to welcome Thomas De Portes as National Sales Force Manager. His experience with two strategic players in the retail sector (Castorama and Fnac) as well as his expertise in human resources management and sales management in the technological products sector will be major assets for Exertis. We are confident that under his leadership, our sales team will continue to flourish and perform exceptionally well in the field."

For Thomas De Portes, National Sales Force Manager: "after 8 years in Retail, I am delighted to start a new experience in a dynamic and caring company on a national scale. I would like to thank Ludovic and the entire Exertis France team for their trust. I look forward to contributing to the growth of Exertis and its partners and to the development of my team."



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