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Verbatim and Blitz Sign Distribution Agreement

Rolf Marino, founder of Blitz Micro
Rolf Marino, founder of Blitz Micro

Verbatim, the world's leading data storage company, and Italian storage specialist Blitz Micro have signed a distribution agreement to market the entire range of Verbatim, Freecom and SureFire products. Verbatim, after a long history with the Japanese Mitsubishi Chemical Group, was recently acquired by the Taiwanese CMC Magnetics Group, a long-time manufacturer of optical media for HP, Philips, TDK, BenQ and many others.

Verbatim's world-renowned products are sold in more than 120 countries, ranging from optical storage media to USB devices, memory cards, hard drives, solid state drives, mobile accessories, and filaments for 3D printers. Verbatim's research and development (R&D) departments are at the forefront of technology. Their strengths, combined with the company's stringent quality controls during the manufacturing process, ensure top quality products and trusted technology.

Since its inception in 1969, Verbatim has greatly influenced the evolution of data storage technologies. Verbatim" is Latin for "word for word" and has been used since the company's inception to illustrate the principle of accurate and error-free data storage. From floppy disks and magneto-optical discs to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray, hard drives, flash memory cards, USB and SDD devices, Verbatim's product range and influence on the storage industry is unrivalled.

Verbatim has been supplying high quality filaments to the 3D printing industry since 2014. The range includes the most commonly used filaments, ABS and PLA, as well as some specially designed for Verbatim. As with all Verbatim products, our filaments are manufactured to strict quality control standards and tolerances to ensure consistent feeding and stable printing.

Verbatim also offers a range of computer accessories that complement its specialist area and meet the same standards of quality, compatibility and reliability as its data storage products.

"The Verbatim range is ideal not only for the IT sector, but also for the education, public administration, hospital and corporate sectors, thanks also to the targeted support of Blitz Micro and the supplier. The Verbatim range of products are designed to be compatible with MacOS and Windows systems and are already available and can be ordered from Blitz Micro", said Rolf Marino, the founder of Blitz Micro.


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