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Tiloli: A Family-Owned Business Dedicated to Accessories for Over 15 Years

Overview of Tiloli's Operations and Achievements

In a recent interview at Buyer Insider Session, a series of online event organised by ChannelHub, Olivier Hache, Sales Director at Tiloli, shed light on the company's background and its dedication to providing accessories for more than 15 years. With a strong focus on the European market, Tiloli has become a reliable distributor of accessory products, particularly those related to Apple devices. As the company approaches its 20th anniversary next year, they have shown steady growth, and their future plans include expansion into new markets and sustainable practices.

A Niche Market Strategy in the Early Days

When Tiloli was founded in December 2003, the tech landscape was vastly different from what it is today. Hache explained how the company strategically entered a niche market that primarily catered to Apple MacBook and PowerBook users. This move enabled them to establish themselves in the industry and grow steadily as the tech ecosystem evolved. Today, Tiloli continues to focus on Apple-oriented accessories, with a diverse portfolio of 25 renowned brands.

Tiloli's Portfolio: From Sleeves and Bags to Connectivity and IoT

Tiloli's impressive portfolio consists of six ranges of products, including sleeves, bags, laptop stands, smartphone and iPad covers, as well as connectivity products such as cables and hubs. In addition, they have ventured into the Internet of Things (IoT) business, distributing a unique product called "Money Walkie" that allows kids to pay contactless expenses. They have also established a dedicated B2B and education category, providing products like chargers and bespoke solutions for specific client needs.

The Family-Owned Advantage and Sustainable Initiatives

Being a family-owned business has been an integral part of Tiloli's identity. This is evident in their close-knit, dedicated team of 20 employees who manage all aspects of the business, including marketing, sales, and logistics. Furthermore, Tiloli is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, evidenced by their efforts to develop products made from recycled materials. Their commitment to environmental responsibility is driven by a desire to contribute positively to the planet and resonate with their customers.

Challenges in a Diversifying Market

Hache acknowledged the increasing competition in the tech accessories market, with some brands expanding into various product categories, including those Tiloli already carries. While they are open to new brands and products, they maintain a manageable portfolio to ensure a focused approach. Hache emphasized the importance of establishing clear rules and expectations with brands, particularly concerning exclusivity and distribution to avoid any confusion.

Penetrating the Unique European Market

As Tiloli primarily operates in Southern Europe, they recognize the distinct characteristics of each country's market. Hache noted that France differs from Germany or the UK, and brands need to adapt their strategies accordingly. Tiloli has successfully entered the APAC region, but Hache highlighted the need to thoroughly understand the culture and language of each market to thrive in diverse regions.

Building Lasting Partnerships

In the accessory business, building partnerships with retailers and vendors is crucial. Hache emphasized that Tiloli values its relationships with brands and seeks to be transparent in its dealings. If a partnership is not feasible, Tiloli guides brands to alternative distributors that may better suit their needs. Additionally, Hache stressed the importance of clear communication and timely deliveries to maintain strong business ties.

New Partnership with Mobile Pixels at Channel Summit

During a recent Channel Summit event in Monaco organised by ChannelHub, Tiloli announced a new partnership with Mobile Pixels, a brand offering additional monitors for laptops. The product received an enthusiastic response from the market due to its innovative design and functionality. Tiloli has already started selling the product, and initial feedback from customers has been highly positive.

Upcoming Plans and Attendance at IFA

Tiloli's future plans include expanding into new markets and introducing sustainable practices. Hache revealed that they recently signed an agreement with a new brand called Mobile Pixels, showcasing the potential for growth and innovation. As they gear up for their 20th anniversary, Tiloli aims to remain a reputable distributor specialized in Apple-related accessories.

Regarding upcoming events, Tiloli plans to attend IFA trade show and Global Retail Connect, one of various ChannelHub side events. Hache expressed his enthusiasm about the event and encouraged other industry professionals to attend as it provides valuable opportunities to explore new brands and products.

With its strong foundation, dedication to sustainability, and forward-thinking approach, Tiloli is set to continue thriving in the competitive world of tech accessories distribution.

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