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TD SYNNEX Unveils First Corporate Citizenship Report


Broadliner TD SYNNEX has published its first Corporate Citizenship Report outlining the company’s progress on the strategic environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives that are helping deliver long-term value for its business, co-workers, communities, vendors, customers and investors.

The inaugural report further describes the framework shared by TD SYNNEX when the company launched its corporate citizenship program last year and represents a harmonized strategy that is aligned with the goals of the company and can be scaled across the global organization. It also reinforces TD SYNNEX’s commitment to building a healthier planet, increasing diverse representation in the workforce and providing access to technology for those in need.

Our approach to business growth has evolved to place sustainability at the core of our operational practices, and our deep commitment to innovation, people and the planet is essential to fulfilling our larger purpose”, said TD SYNNEX CEO Rich Hume. “As we continue to invest and expand the way we serve our customers, co-workers and communities, we are grounded in the principles that have propelled our legacy companies to this unified point.

Following a materiality assessment conducted in late 2021 and early 2022 to identify and prioritize the ESG issues that are most significant to TD SYNNEX’s business and to its stakeholders, the company has actively worked to operationalize its ESG strategy across its global organization, including working toward embedding a culture of corporate citizenship. The report will serve as a benchmark and will be utilized to highlight performance year over year, including detailed data of how TD SYNNEX is contributing to key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the past year, we have thoughtfully developed an ESG framework that aligns with our combined company’s purpose. This report represents an important milestone in establishing where we are today and our plans for achieving our meaningful goals”, Adam Rutstein, Director of Global Responsibility for TD SYNNEX.

2022 corporate citizenship highlights include:


As part of its focus on climate and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, TD SYNNEX signed the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) Business Ambition pledge, which includes a commitment to achieving net-zero GHG emissions globally by 2045. The combined company reported for the first time to CDP in 2022 and received a Bronze Medal from EcoVadis. Additionally, the company is deploying environmental management systems and pursuing international standards like ISO 14001 to minimize its environmental impact.

TD SYNNEX launched a module-based sustainability training program, including courses focused on “Sustainability Essentials” and “Circular Economy” and recognized 12 TD SYNNEX locations as Energy Star, LEED or BREEAM certified offices. The company also established a global sustainability working group and towers of specialization that are focused on Sustainable Transportation and Logistics and Circular Economy.

The organization also diverted approximately 350,000 mobile handsets from landfills through the TD SYNNEX Renew mobile trade-in program, and established a partnership with Treedom to celebrate our co-workers on the company’s one-year anniversary. Treedom planted a tree for each full-time TD SYNNEX co-worker and will continue to plant a tree for all new co-workers, which to date has resulted in the planting of 30,256 trees in East Africa.


TD SYNNEX’s commitment to social responsibility starts with its co-workers and leadership teams. By 2030, TD SYNNEX has committed to increasing representation of people who identify as women to 50% of its workforce, increasing representation of people who identify as women to 40% of leadership roles, and expanding compensation, benefits and promotion parity programs.

An important component of TD SYNNEX’s DEI strategy is to support and grow its business resource groups (BRGs), which provide forums for co-workers with similar backgrounds or interests to discuss common experiences and establish and achieve goals. Over the past year co-worker participation in BRGs has increased through expansion of existing groups and the creation of two new BRGs: Embrace, which is dedicated to celebrating cultural, ethnic, and religious differences and fostering a welcoming and equitable workplace, and Rise, dedicated to celebrating, supporting and advancing Asian and Pacific Islander co-workers.

As part of the company’s commitment to bridging the digital divide, TD SYNNEX provides devices, digital skills training, internet connectivity and technical support to underserved communities. Specifically in 2022, this was achieved through a partnership with Human I-T, where TD SYNNEX helped to digitally equip 20,000 households and touched the lives of 60,000 people.


True to TD SYNNEX’s values of inclusion, collaboration, integrity and excellence, the company has a proud history of strong corporate governance based on best practices, local requirements, and the needs of its co-workers, customers, vendors and investors.

TD SYNNEX built on that legacy in 2022 by fostering one culture under a Servant Leadership in Action model, establishing a corporate citizenship leadership and governance structure, including a Global Responsibility Team and Sustainability Working Group, and creating and filling the roles of Director of Global Responsibility and Global Sustainability Manager.



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