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TD SYNNEX UK Named as Exclusive UK Distributor for Synology Beedrive

Adam Lee, BU manager Global Computing Components (GCC) at TD SYNNEX UK
Adam Lee, BU manager Global Computing Components (GCC) at TD SYNNEX UK

Broadliner TD SYNNEX UK has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the new Synology BeeDrive, underlining its strong credentials in the SMB and prosumer market and its ability to support partners in maximising their sales.

Available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, the BeeDrive is a simple, compact and fast personal backup hub that can be set up easily in minutes. It is available to partners exclusively from TD SYNNEX, allowing them to take advantage of the extensive sales, financial and logistics support that the business offers to its UK customers.

Adam Lee, BU manager Global Computing Components (GCC) at TD SYNNEX UK, said that having an exclusive on the product means that TD SYNNEX can really support partners in taking BeeDrive to market : “as hybrid working become the norm, more people need reliable, high-performance storage solutions that are simple to use and manage. The BeeDrive fits the bill exactly. It’s an ideal backup solution for mobile and home users who need to take data backup seriously and we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure our partners can maximise the excellent opportunities it brings. TD SYNNEX is really strong in the SMB and prosumer sector and having an exclusive agreement on BeeDrive means we can really focus on supporting partners to drive their sales. With Synology’s solid reputation and competitive end-user pricing, we expect the BeeDrive to be a popular choice for smaller businesses and home workers.

Jeremie Francois, UK channel sales manager for Synology BeeDrive, added: “we have a really good and well-established working relationship with TD SYNNEX, and that’s one reason we are working with them exclusively on BeeDrive. They also have an excellent and extensive portfolio of other products and solutions that partners can offer alongside the BeeDrive in addition to flexible logistics and financial services.

The BeeDrive is designed for individuals who handle important data and are privacy conscious, whilst offering fast, reliable performance without any complex set-up, or any need to manage cloud storage subscriptions.


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