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SPONSOR INTERVIEW: Abel Jordan Castells, CEO, QD Global International (SKateflash)

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Tell us about Skateflash

The Brand was founded in 2016 with a clear vision of the future. Within only 5 years we reached an excellent level of positioning offering technological mobility products with great advances in performance and driving comfort. Currently Skateflash, with thousands of monthly visits, is positioned as a benchmark in mobility. We are your travel partner offering you the best services and personalized experiences. We design products showing the best solutions for the most demanding markets and, of course, for people's needs. We synchronize user, vehicle and lifestyle. With Skateflash, driving is synonymous with emotion.

How has your business developed over the past 12 months?

Marking the beginning of a new era in the world of electric mobility.Development of a new scooter that expresses the soul of the brand by combining design, autonomy and intelligent functionality. Our company has worked on the development of a self-designed and manufactured scooter, developed and manufactured in Spain with trusted local suppliers. Our commitment to personal mobility and the environment is continuous and forward-looking. With a sustained growth plan, we offer and integrate a global operating model with qualified personnel, technical advice, logistics and a commercial and sales network to offer the best product with guarantees. we have set up a production plant modernized facilities of +5000m2, which we will provide with multiple actions of dynamization for the entire Company. At the same time, we are working on the incorporation of new efficient measures.

What trends have you seen in the scooter and e-bike market?

Electric mobility is a relatively new product. Although they have arrived on the market a few years ago, they continue to be one of the most widely accepted products and in 2022 they will continue in an upward trend, as can be seen from market movements. Since our birth in 2016 we have experienced a growth of 3000% establishing us as a reference brand in the sector in countries such as: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Italy, England, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile…

Which products will you present to distributors and retailers at the Channel Summit EMEA show?

Among our range of Bicycles and Scooters already consolidated and a benchmark in sales worldwide We are pleased to present our MADE IN SPAIN scooter for the first time, A super scooter called Model US for the most demanding urban life. Premises that have helped us shape a new design that is respectful and durable over time. From the rear motor to the driving handlebars, elements that shape a very intense transport experience.

We care about the driver, driving sensations and ride comfort. These factors make up the Model Us DNA. A transport vehicle for everyday life that does not lose sight of the pleasure of driving.

Which countries or regions are you prioritising in the next 12 months?

Our company intends to establish the brand in EUROPE and expand new sales horizons in Arab countries, we are currently expanding in the USA and Canada.

What sets Skateflash apart from other brands on the market?

From Skateflash we provide solutions to the mobility market, as varied as demanding and both inside and outside our borders. We have started 2022 with a firm commitment to find authenticity in the world of mobility and providing the essence of Skateflash with new products of character. Why Skateflash? Urban Life Is Changing, We Transform, Marketing, Need, Solutions For Real Problems Mobility, Branding, Technology, Made In Spain, A great specialized team.

Do you have a structured channel programme? Please explain how you work with your channel partners (e.g. marketing, promotions, channel development activities).

Our partners are part of the Skateflash family, so their success is our success. We analyze each case to study the best implementation and business development strategy, we have a marketing department, product customization, support department for B2B and B2C sales, we have support for online sales. Technical training and personalized technical service. Our partners can benefit from our business plan successfully implemented in our current distributors and replicate the success. We also have a franchise plan with our own specialized Skateflash stores, which our partner can develop in your country.

Any interesting partnerships, sponsorships or collaborations to share?

We are in strategic negotiation with a traditional mobility manufacturer that wants to make the leap to electric mobility hand in hand with a European manufacturer with experience in electric scooters, very soon we will be able to officially announce the news.


Skateflash is a headline sponsor at Channel Summit EMEA 2022. For more information about the company click here


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