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Smartech Opens in Paris

Rory McCloskey, Director of Business Development at Smartech Retail Group
Rory McCloskey, Director of Business Development at Smartech Retail Group

Smartech, the pioneering global emerging tech retailer, is repeating its unique experience at Printemps in Paris, with the goal to re-ignite the consumer's interest in retail but in an entirely new way - trying before buying some of the most fascinating innovations that many have no idea are even available!

Smartech Retail Group is best known for its experience stores that bring together the most innovative products in the world and allow its visitors to try the innovations before buying. This is a celebration of its new flagship store with ten exclusive new launches at Smartech Printemps Haussmann - becoming Printemps' largest tech concession representing around 100 sqm.

"Smartech's goal is to create an interactive shopping experience in order to be aligned with the next generation of commerce which Smartech Group believes will be on discovery. Originally founded in 2016, Smartech was created to provide customers with a space to try out the latest off-the-shelf products and interact with them in person. Customers can then discover things they are very unlikely to have seen before from a wide range of categories including AV, Health, Home, Kids, Lifestyle, Outdoors and many more", said Rory McCloskey, Director of Business Development at Smartech Retail Group.

The format is designed to create an immersive game world, blending unique digital and physical experiences. The model was developed as part of Smartech Retail Group's strategy to improve the in-store experience and move closer to the more personalised/interactive concept that customers are looking for post-COVID. Despite the rapid growth of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores continue to play a vital role in strengthening the connection between consumers and brands by helping them discover and test new products.

"Smartech Retail Group wishes to share a glimpse of the future of experiential retail by opening its doors in a permanent place of innovation, Printemps Haussmann. The 170 sqm store is Smartech's first flagship store to offer the first-ever retail experiences alongside an innovative and interactive new retail format, elements of which will be introduced to other stores in the coming years", added Rory.

With these Instagrammable experiences, Smartech is designed to inspire and amuse from the moment step inside the vicinity. Customers will have the opportunity to try the exclusive experience of Smartech, the world's first retail store with 'RobocomVR Transformer - Invasion of the Decepticons' which will immerse visitors in an incredible virtual world of transformers. Customers will discover and explore the latest must-haves in the world of technology. In addition to exclusive experiences, carefully selected products as well as unique accessories and collectibles from an array of the world's top brands, such as One Life, Nova, Fauna, Conduction Labs, Nothing Ear 1, LaLuer, Embodme, Raddin and Nucleus will be discovered and tried.

Smartech currently has 4 concept stores across 11 locations including London (Selfridges), Berlin, Paris, Milan, Rome and Kuwait, with a plan to grow 10 new locations in key markets around the world over the next few years.



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