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RLVNT Distribution Signs Agreement with heat it

Martin Liljegren, Co-founder at RLVNT Distribution
Martin Liljegren, Co-founder at RLVNT Distribution

Swedish CE specialist RLVNT has signed a distribution agreement with the German start-up company heat it and their brilliant bug bite solution that you've been longing for!

The idea of the genius bug bite solution originally came about during a student competition in the summer of 2016. Fed up with mosquito bites, they tried out the treatment using concentrated heat and were immediately convinced by the active principle, but not by the available products. Too clunky, never with us and inflexible! And so they decided to take the development into their own hands.

Heat It is a smart little technical device with short-term heat treatment against insect bites. Fast-acting treatment that helps relieve the need to scratch the skin using concentrated heat. Can be used against mosquitoes, bees and wasps. The device plugs into a smartphone's charging port - always easy to carry with you!

"Scandinavia is a true mosquito heaven and that ruins having a good time outdoors. But that time is over now. With RLVNT we have found the ideal partner to bring our smart insect bite solution heat it to the Nordics", says Lukas Liedtke CEO at heat it.

"We are truly excited to strengthening heat it's distribution in the Nordics through our offices in Finland and Sweden, and make their revolutionary product available to more consumers who enjoys being out in nature. The brand fits in our product portfolio and I am confident that heat it will be welcomed amongst our retailers", says Martin Liljegren, Co-founder at RLVNT Distribution.


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